Nautical Neo-Noir. The new Novel

Neo-noir is my new little black dress in storytelling. I'm pleased to inform readers that my second neo-noir erotic novel is about to be released - and it takes to the water on a sailing yacht! The first draft is now complete. I'm about set to get my head around working through the first edit so I can … Continue reading Nautical Neo-Noir. The new Novel


Erotic Clock: Lovemaking For Art’s Sake

Erotic Clock Begins At Half Past Missionary: Says Lovemaking Artisan So you think you've seen it all. You're a well-seasoned adult. Lovers have come and gone and you've tried all the lovemaking techniques in the book. And then Mitchell Felding, a self-proclaimed lovemaking artisan, comes along and asks the simplest of questions: "What about painting your sex?" … Continue reading Erotic Clock: Lovemaking For Art’s Sake

Happy Never After.

Surviving the Sexless Marriage. There's no easy way to say it, so I'll just come out with it.  A sexless marriage or relationship sucks big time. Yearning for skin-to-skin contact but receiving rejection constantly is soul sucking. Yes, it's crushing. Given time, it's absolutely demoralizing. And then there's the guilt and self loathing... of pushing … Continue reading Happy Never After.