NEO-NOIR-EROTICA. GO! “You heard me! Get your fucking head down!” I push her head downwards. “Give me that thing!” I demanded, yanking a pillow out from underneath her face. Her head flops onto the mattress below. Beads of sweat fall from my chin and chest, landing on her back, forming a trickle that runs along … Continue reading NEO-NOIR-EROTICA. What is it?


What is Noir?

What is Noir? Officially#1: It's a colour. Officially#2: It's a literary genre. The latter merges with the former through a state of mind: A dark approach to storytelling. That's what is Noir! One example of Noir in image form is in this picture: This picture is a Noir cliché. The cigarette smoking and smoking-hot femme fatale featured frequently … Continue reading What is Noir?

The Most Psychologically Disturbing Novel Ever?

Could SEETHINGS be the shock-novel of the century? If reviews are anything to go by, this psychologically disturbing novel well on it's way to becoming so. SEETHINGS is a relatively new title (2014). It's published through Kindle and Amazon, written by Australian author Michael Forman. He promotes it online through social media and his niche-styled website. Yes, it's a self-published title … Continue reading The Most Psychologically Disturbing Novel Ever?

Choosing A Neo-Noir Book for Bookclub.

Do you want to meet the most challenging book ever and show it to your bookclub, one from the neo-noir book shelf? SEETHINGS isn't your run of the mill thriller novel. It's weird but strangely enticing. It'll test you by sucking you into its disturbing narrative and asking you personal questions of life and love. 'What would you do … Continue reading Choosing A Neo-Noir Book for Bookclub.