Seeding a thriller plot with chocolate.

Thriller Plot: Ever been touched by a one so intimately that it felt like it was totally written for you? Sometimes we read a book or watch a movie and see that it fits our personality and thoughts to a tee. It says everything we've ever thought and the characters fit our friends and the people we know. Things get even … Continue reading Seeding a thriller plot with chocolate.


Choosing A Neo-Noir Book for Bookclub.

Do you want to meet the most challenging book ever and show it to your bookclub, one from the neo-noir book shelf? SEETHINGS isn't your run of the mill thriller novel. It's weird but strangely enticing. It'll test you by sucking you into its disturbing narrative and asking you personal questions of life and love. 'What would you do … Continue reading Choosing A Neo-Noir Book for Bookclub.

SEETHINGS: Neo-noir or Psychological Thriller?

Dark intention. High contrast.Any book written with dark intentcan be considered to be noir. Psychological thrillers often have black elements too. So where does the SEETHINGS meal sit in the literary buffet?In the past, I've struggled to explain to would-be readers about how SEETHINGS would be digested. It's intriguing on the plate but a little … Continue reading SEETHINGS: Neo-noir or Psychological Thriller?

Logan City: Amatuer Photographers Discover Body.

Story by reporter: Julie Sephlia : Twitter: i.sephlia : Facebook Logan City: Two Meadowbrook photography TAFE students taking a walk this morning discovered a woman's near naked body in low lying grass on the banks of the Logan River. Charlene Foley, 38 of Kingston Logan City, was last seen on Wednesday night after she told her husband she was going for a walk. … Continue reading Logan City: Amatuer Photographers Discover Body.