Sexless Relationship? Hidden Asexuality Could Cause It

Sexless relationship? Is your partner simply playing hard to get or are they asexual? Just like gay, lesbian... and all the other variants in human sexuality, asexuality can hide in a closet awaiting to be discovered by wisdom-driven life experiences. Your sexless relationship may not be a product of routine or boredom. You or your partner may be asexually … Continue reading Sexless Relationship? Hidden Asexuality Could Cause It


It’s Not Me, It’s You!

Me?! Narcissistic? Of course that's how you see me. It's totally understandable. It saves you having to look at yourself and admit to your flaws. The only thing that stops me from ripping your head off and shoving it up your ass is one inch of civility... and the law. They are all I have … Continue reading It’s Not Me, It’s You!

Sexless marriage? Maybe your partner is asexual!

Suffering from a case Sexless Marriage Syndrome? Don’t laugh. If you’re living in a sexless marriage and you’re the partner suffering from not getting any, it’s possible you’ve found yourself an asexual mate and don't know it... and they aren't aware of it either! Read closely for more: First, let’s get some numbers on the … Continue reading Sexless marriage? Maybe your partner is asexual!

Love Hurts: When Breaking Up Is The Right Thing To Do.

Love hurts most when it ends. When lovers start to list off their relationship inputs like bankers dividing up their dividends, trouble has already begun. When love works well, romantics will sail to towards a neverending sunrise. Whilst the future shines and blinds, measuring the past seems superfluous. But when the weather turns foul, many love martyrs will seek … Continue reading Love Hurts: When Breaking Up Is The Right Thing To Do.

Happy Never After.

Surviving the Sexless Marriage. There's no easy way to say it, so I'll just come out with it.  A sexless marriage or relationship sucks big time. Yearning for skin-to-skin contact but receiving rejection constantly is soul sucking. Yes, it's crushing. Given time, it's absolutely demoralizing. And then there's the guilt and self loathing... of pushing … Continue reading Happy Never After.

Not Dying.

Dead. It's dead. I'm dead. Our love died a long time ago. Now we're just going through the motions of routine. We're so different. What a lovely facade we've built. No one on the outside knows. We look so perfect. Are you dead too?