Pussy Odour: Stir Him Crazy

Her vagina’s sweet odour was the essence of Nina. Yes, pussy odour connected her male lover to her in a unique way. Without it, he would've loved her once and left. This was something else and it made him stay. And Natasha loved his manly forcefulness. Too much was never enough. Every squinch she gave in … Continue reading Pussy Odour: Stir Him Crazy


Online Date Goes Wrong

When A Tinder Date Goes Wrong There's always risk involved when meeting someone through a dating application. Ironically, for some, this is no deterrent. The sooner any action takes place, the greater the fire that fuels their sex. The higher the risk, the hotter the burn. What about when that risk is breached and the Tinder date goes wrong? Well, here's one … Continue reading Online Date Goes Wrong

Happy Never After.

Surviving the Sexless Marriage. There's no easy way to say it, so I'll just come out with it.  A sexless marriage or relationship sucks big time. Yearning for skin-to-skin contact but receiving rejection constantly is soul sucking. Yes, it's crushing. Given time, it's absolutely demoralizing. And then there's the guilt and self loathing... of pushing … Continue reading Happy Never After.

Sexless marriage? Maybe your partner is asexual!

Suffering from a case Sexless Marriage Syndrome? Don’t laugh. If you’re living in a sexless marriage and you’re the partner suffering from not getting any, it’s possible you’ve found yourself an asexual mate and don't know it... and they aren't aware of it either! Read closely for more: First, let’s get some numbers on the … Continue reading Sexless marriage? Maybe your partner is asexual!

Sexless Relationship? Hidden Asexuality Could Cause It

Sexless relationship? Is your partner simply playing hard to get or are they asexual? Just like gay, lesbian... and all the other variants in human sexuality, asexuality can hide in a closet awaiting to be discovered by wisdom-driven life experiences. Your sexless relationship may not be a product of routine or boredom. You or your partner may be asexually … Continue reading Sexless Relationship? Hidden Asexuality Could Cause It