Erotic Clock: Lovemaking For Art’s Sake

Erotic Clock Begins At Half Past Missionary: Says Lovemaking Artisan So you think you've seen it all. You're a well-seasoned adult. Lovers have come and gone and you've tried all the lovemaking techniques in the book. And then Mitchell Felding, a self-proclaimed lovemaking artisan, comes along and asks the simplest of questions: "What about painting your sex?" … Continue reading Erotic Clock: Lovemaking For Art’s Sake


Pussy Odour: Stir Him Crazy

Her vagina’s sweet odour was the essence of Nina. Yes, pussy odour connected her male lover to her in a unique way. Without it, he would've loved her once and left. This was something else and it made him stay. And Natasha loved his manly forcefulness. Too much was never enough. Every squinch she gave in … Continue reading Pussy Odour: Stir Him Crazy

WordPress Blogging for Authors of Fiction

WordPress Blogging for authors of novels, novellas and other fiction. So you want to build a league of followers through your online fiction but only see factual-driven content being promoted there? It's true, there are more bloggers writing attractive non-fiction than fiction. They, like all of us, write stories to lure a wide range of readers into … Continue reading WordPress Blogging for Authors of Fiction

Choosing A Neo-Noir Book for Bookclub.

Do you want to meet the most challenging book ever and show it to your bookclub, one from the neo-noir book shelf? SEETHINGS isn't your run of the mill thriller novel. It's weird but strangely enticing. It'll test you by sucking you into its disturbing narrative and asking you personal questions of life and love. 'What would you do … Continue reading Choosing A Neo-Noir Book for Bookclub.

SEETHINGS: Neo-noir or Psychological Thriller?

Dark intention. High contrast.Any book written with dark intentcan be considered to be noir. Psychological thrillers often have black elements too. So where does the SEETHINGS meal sit in the literary buffet?In the past, I've struggled to explain to would-be readers about how SEETHINGS would be digested. It's intriguing on the plate but a little … Continue reading SEETHINGS: Neo-noir or Psychological Thriller?

Committing Murder… in writing!

Nothing is more satisfying than watching a victim's life flicker out slowly, lovingly. Committing murder in text has its challenges. As a writer, that luxurious feeling of ending a character's life is highly personal. It's not just about the words used to describe a murder, it's about why it was committed. There are many ways to die but few feelings associated to killing. … Continue reading Committing Murder… in writing!