The Most Psychologically Disturbing Novel Ever?

Could SEETHINGS be the shock-novel of the century? If reviews are anything to go by, this psychologically disturbing novel well on it's way to becoming so. SEETHINGS is a relatively new title (2014). It's published through Kindle and Amazon, written by Australian author Michael Forman. He promotes it online through social media and his niche-styled website. Yes, it's a self-published title … Continue reading The Most Psychologically Disturbing Novel Ever?


Australian Author Resurrects Noir Genre

Australian Author Takes Evil To A New Level. Prepare to read a shocking new novel by an Australian author: SEETHINGS. Western Australia’s Michael Forman has created a sinister new protagonist who lures unsuspecting victims into the night, sexually mistreating them and killing them at the height of coitus. Forman uses stormy Brisbane as a backdrop to a … Continue reading Australian Author Resurrects Noir Genre

Sexless Relationship? Hidden Asexuality Could Cause It

Sexless relationship? Is your partner simply playing hard to get or are they asexual? Just like gay, lesbian... and all the other variants in human sexuality, asexuality can hide in a closet awaiting to be discovered by wisdom-driven life experiences. Your sexless relationship may not be a product of routine or boredom. You or your partner may be asexually … Continue reading Sexless Relationship? Hidden Asexuality Could Cause It

Why I went with CreateSpace

Publishing a book today is made a whole lot easier by two simple things that weren't available to authors seven years ago: Online publishers who offer Print On Demand (POD) services and the introduction of the E-book. Now before I get ahead of myself, I have spoken about this very subject on recently. Some will … Continue reading Why I went with CreateSpace

SEETHINGS: Neo-noir or Psychological Thriller?

Dark intention. High contrast.Any book written with dark intentcan be considered to be noir. Psychological thrillers often have black elements too. So where does the SEETHINGS meal sit in the literary buffet?In the past, I've struggled to explain to would-be readers about how SEETHINGS would be digested. It's intriguing on the plate but a little … Continue reading SEETHINGS: Neo-noir or Psychological Thriller?