NEO-NOIR-EROTICA. GO! “You heard me! Get your fucking head down!” I push her head downwards. “Give me that thing!” I demanded, yanking a pillow out from underneath her face. Her head flops onto the mattress below. Beads of sweat fall from my chin and chest, landing on her back, forming a trickle that runs along … Continue reading NEO-NOIR-EROTICA. What is it?


Lightning! The Moment Before A Kiss!

Much of SEETHINGS' narrative is written with or around a storm, literally and metaphorically. In chapter five, Mitchell tries to explain the moments just before a kiss, comparing it to a micro-moment before lightning strikes Earth, a term he coins as anti-thunder. Our photographer Mitchell is not just obsessed with photographing lightning, he's obsessed. While chasing down the … Continue reading Lightning! The Moment Before A Kiss!

The Most Psychologically Disturbing Novel Ever?

Could SEETHINGS be the shock-novel of the century? If reviews are anything to go by, this psychologically disturbing novel well on it's way to becoming so. SEETHINGS is a relatively new title (2014). It's published through Kindle and Amazon, written by Australian author Michael Forman. He promotes it online through social media and his niche-styled website. Yes, it's a self-published title … Continue reading The Most Psychologically Disturbing Novel Ever?

Australian Author Resurrects Noir Genre

Australian Author Takes Evil To A New Level. Prepare to read a shocking new novel by an Australian author: SEETHINGS. Western Australia’s Michael Forman has created a sinister new protagonist who lures unsuspecting victims into the night, sexually mistreating them and killing them at the height of coitus. Forman uses stormy Brisbane as a backdrop to a … Continue reading Australian Author Resurrects Noir Genre