Evil’s Engine

Making Evil

It’s easy to say that evil people are born evil. Writers could make an evil baby, grow them into an adult and let the in-built evil do it’s worst.

What about people born good?

Turning a good soul into an evil one makes a nicer challenge.

We can take a character who loves life, an optimistic outlook on everything, the best of intentions at heart and turn them into the darkest character fiction has ever seen.

If written well, this would mean we’d begin to believe that every one us has the potential to snap if given the right conditions. If written perfectly then a reader would adopt the blackness in the text. They would turn too – learning to love the evil inside our protagonist and calling upon it when needed to take down victims one at a time. It’d make the best readers smile a little.

Adding to the creepiness is watching the way his victims die. You too would want to control their deaths, listening to them suffer, relishing in the seductive smells and sounds of their lives coming to an end.

That’s how I write my type of evil. – Michael