Bush Kittens?

I admit it, I love cats!

Writing deeply dark content requires a stream of optimism to keep my mind balanced. Too much of one side for too long has the power to tip the scales of temporary fiction towards full-time fact.

The devices I use to bring normality into my world starts with a one red cat: Levi

He’s my hero.

Cats take time to win over. They have no natural need to make contact with humans. Theirs can be a completely independent life.

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Whom a cat befriends is special. They choose friends very carefully.

When my cat sits with me, he does it because he trusts me. I pet him, he purrs, we talk and shed our tensions. (It is a well-known medical fact that animal petting is a great stress reliever!)

That’s it. My Levi puss is the purrfect life balancer… and my bush kitten. (That’s him in the box peering over its top!)

Enjoy cats! – Michael