Fan of Noir, Hardboiled and the like?

Welcome to my writer’s blog – a site dedicated to this end of the fiction spectrum.

Get ready to absorb the best of evil and read narratives you never thought could be written!

If you’re a noir or neo-noir fan, I really don’t need to preach. Newbies may need a hand grasping the concept though.

Keeping it simple: Noir means black. The attitudes of the protagonist/s  are dark. Often, the scenes he / she / they find themselves in are broken, disintegrating or in some way. They have distorted visions / opinions. Crimes of violence and / or murder frequently feature in Noir.

Unlike thrillers and psychological thrillers, noir deviates from the investigative side of crime storytelling. Readers sit right beside a murderer to see why they do what they do.

You may already know Neo-Noir in these books or movies:

The Talented Mr Ripley. (Modern Noir / Neo-Noir)

L.A Confidential (Also Neo-Noir)

Wild Things (You’ve got it!)

There are plenty of other examples (Readers often have differing opinions about what makes trues Neo-noir) out there but, if you’re in any doubt about its content, remember, it never sits any Warm and Fuzzy category.

Start with a pessimistic outlook on life, apply this to a wicked jadedness and watch the evil combination run its course.

For more Neo-Noir, visit my homesite – Michael Forman (Author)

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