Man Fakes Orgasms.

Man Fakes Orgasms.

It’s well known that women fake orgasms. It’s often done to satisfy fragile male egos and solidify relationships… but do men fake it too? And could a woman tell the difference between a fake and the real thing?

downloadMitchell Felding claims that he has been withholding his ejaculate in order to stop his wife falling pregnant. Rather than orgasming inside his wife at climax, he ‘acts’ the part and then withdraws. Sam, his wife, has been wanting a baby for sometime and assumes that the act of sex will produce a child. She’s unconcerned that six months have passed by without success because her friends have told her that it could take some time to conceive.

According to Mitchell, Sam, a staunch Catholic, was sexually naive when they had met. The couple never engaged in coitus until they married some seven years later.

Man fakes orgasms. How he does it.

During a mostly sexless marriage, condoms were the chosen form of birth control. Mitchell says that Sam refused to observe the actions happening down there, resulting in her unable to identify the difference between sperm, lubricant and any other abhorrent fluid produced during intercourse.

f76cf84e229ef49c9a1e8a3c20758901When asked why he fakes orgasms, Mitchell replied, “Sam had me celibate for a very long time and then she wanted nothing to do with me after our wedding day. Now that she wants a child, she’s all over me. Well, I like sex very much. I like the attention. I’m not ready to give it up so soon. I know that once we have a child, we’ll go back to what we we’re doing before and I’ll live the rest of my life going without her touch.”

So what do you think?

Was this marriage doomed at the start? Will this couple ever have children? If your man fakes orgasms, would you know the difference between real and pretend?

Excerpt inspired by SEETHINGS novel.

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