Nautical Neo-Noir. The new Novel

Neo-Noir novelsNeo-noir is my new little black dress in storytelling.

I’m pleased to inform readers that my second neo-noir erotic novel is about to be released – and it takes to the water on a sailing yacht!

The first draft is now complete. I’m about set to get my head around working through the first edit so I can get it set for publishing in three more months. My proofreader has advised me that parts of it will shock and upset readers. That’s exactly what I wanted to hear. A story of mine that doesn’t test a reader like that isn’t worth being read.

So why spend so much time in neo-noir? What is neo-noir anyway?

The genre isn’t as new as you may think. Shutter Island was a book written for his genre. It later became a movie. Neo-noir is a darker way of telling crime stories, seen not from the investigator’s perspective but the murderer’s.

I spend time in this genre because it intrigues me. Crime stories almost always send the bad-guys to jail. We rarely get to know the back-story that gives birth to such evil. Are criminals born this way or do they grow into their demon-like personas later? That’s the question I’m always asking.

The other thing is: Noir makes sense in today’s busy, selfie-driven, narcissistic life. There’s a certain sense of darkness surrounding all we do. We have to fight for everything. We fight for space, respect, money, everything!

Without being aware of it, darker narratives have been infiltrating our life for a couple of decades now. They made their way into movies too. As a photographer, I’ve seen the warm-tones of yellow and orange drop away from film and television, replaced by blues and blacks. Low-light and heavy shadowing has swallowed-up what used to be well-lit and fair-contrasted scenes. Vampire stories have flourished. Medieval fight-for-life narratives have thrived too. Dystopias have had more appeal than ever before. People want to see a train-wreck while it’s happening, party in its ruins and then post it on Twitter!

SEETHINGS2SEETHINGS is a brutal neo-noir novel. It’s a catastrophe, locked and loaded, creepy on every level. The physical side is an obvious one. The more complex issues of psychological abuse impregnate every page. It goes to the root of society’s shift to romance narcissism and sexual satisfaction.

The dystopias exist in our protagonist’s mind. Ironically, he refers to it as sanctuary.

From a writer’s perspective, it was a challenge to keep sanctuary enticing enough for him and the reader to want to go there despite the obvious troubles taking place during the journey.

Now you’ll want to read SEETHINGS, right? Good. That’s why you made it this far and stayed on.

You can pick up a copy from my site in paperback. Alternatively, you can get it from Amazon or Kindle (for e-readers) and start reading it right away.

I do hope you’ll enjoy my unique style of neo-noir entertainment and find it deliciously troubling. All reviews are welcome!

Michael Forman (Author)



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