Menacing Intention

A storm as a writer’s muse? 2017-08-10_14_34_38

Sure, why not?

Emotion is a complex thing. Explaining how someone feels about something isn’t easy.

You may you feel say sad but you actually mean a pessimistic. It’s possible to be happy and pessimistic at once. Sadness goes deeper.

Looking within for guidance is a good start. Looking outside takes things to a new level.

Nature provides good models.

When writing SEETHINGS, I went to the thunderstorm for inspiration on anger and love. It was my model.

There’s something wonderfully ominous in the approaching storm. And it’s not the storm that’s in progress that counts. It’s the one that’s about to unleash its emotion that piques my interest most.

It’s like a first kiss.

Kissing is lovely but leaning in to take hold of the very first one has something more… something that can’t be replicated at any other time. There’s tension… doubt.

Approaching storms and first kisses. These kinds of moments create the most electric tension. You’ll never its outcome without stepping through the eye of the storm.

And then lightning strikes!

Read and enjoy -M


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