Online Date Goes Wrong

When A Tinder Date Goes Wrong

Tinder Date Goes Wrong
There’s always risk involved when meeting someone through a dating application. Ironically, for some, this is no deterrent. The sooner any action takes place, the greater the fire that fuels their sex. The higher the risk, the hotter the burn. What about when that risk is breached and the Tinder date goes wrong? Well, here’s one story that shows the exact moment when things went a little too far.

Despite his heightened state of arousal, a tinge of hate bubbled to the surface. If only he could’ve seen through the ruses beforehand.

It was all too confusing to take in at once. Cyrus was his lie to access women like Jane. Jane was this woman’s lie to access men outside of her marriage. Photography was the excuse needed for the two of them to connect but sex is what both wanted. Why did so many lies need to exist to cover sexual truth?

This awakened the Beast. He quietly growled.

You know why.



They win every time.

Not every time.


Nina didn’t win.

No, she didn’t.

Tinder Date Goes Wrong: The setting.

Lightning flashed and lit up the sky. For several seconds, the trees, the sand, the tripod and these two lovers were brightly exposed. If there were witnesses walking along the beach, they would’ve seen it all. She fed on his cock as he ferociously thrust into her drooling mouth.

I could do this for you.


Are you sure?

I’m up for it.

It takes a lot.

No,  I want this one.

I can take her.

You stay there. I’ve got this.

Another bolt brightened the shoreline. Mitchell wrapped her hair around his fist and pulled her off his swollen cock. He dragged her by the head and she kicked at the sand, leaving lines and gouges in it.

“Get the fuck over there!” He demanded throwing her against the edge of boardwalk. Her chest pressed against the side rail. “Get a leg up on that and bend over! Bend the fuck over!”

Eagerly, she complied and dropped her pants to her ankles. “That’s better! Now you can fuck me properly. Go on! Fuck me like the slut I am!”

She lifted a leg onto the boardwalk, reached behind and opened herself up. In the bursts of light she gave him the view of her crack and a wide-open pussy. “What do you think, can you handle it?”

What’s wrong with her?

She’s not scared of you.

Why not?

You’re not threatening enough.

Tinder Date Goes Wrong: A game of control.

“Just you wait you fucking bitch, you’ll get it alright! You’ll be sorry!”

Mitchell pulled her hair and pushed his lengthy cock into her hot, wet pussy. She grunted as he yanked her head backwards and slammed his pelvis against her bottom.

She arched her back and took the punishment. “That’s it baby! Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Use it! Go on, use it good!”

It’s not working.

She’s better than you.


She’s much better then you. Here, let me do it.

No, I can do this!

Tinder Date Goes Wrong: Step it up.

Mitchell let go of her hair, reached forward and took hold of her throat with both hands.

She bucked and screamed with delight. “Oh yeah, choke me baby, choke me. I love that… makes me so wet. Choke me good!”

Mitchell looked down at his shiny pole sliding into a woman he’d only just met. She was wet, very wet. She’d become aroused on a kiss and a blow job. She was begging him to choke her.

That’s not right.

She likes it.

It’s not right.

Tinder Date Goes Wrong: The changeover.

“Ooo, yeah, jam it into me baby. Harder!”

He tightened his grip around her throat, waiting for the moment when she’d stop him. It didn’t come. He rode her like a jockey in full flight, her head bobbing as he drove her hard. The wind picked up and pushed the trees this way and that. Sand started to sting their legs. She begged for even more rough-play.

Through gritted teeth she mocked him. She called him a failure. She teased him. She taunted him. “Is that all you got baby? But I want more!”

An imbalanced Mitchell suddenly snapped.

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