Words Kill. (text messaging)

So words never hurt eh?

That age-old rhyme about sticks and stones is being tested in the courts and it looks as though a young missy will do twenty years for sending her boyfriend to an early grave via a text message.

Texting is a handy way to murder someone, the question is, will the courts see it that way?

Manslaughter CaseA judge seemed to believe so. He said her words constituted “wanton and reckless conduct”.

A teen boy had threatened self-harm in a message he sent to his girl. She replied with encouragement and he did the deed. The judge has to work out if what she did amounts to manslaughter.

When I read the first few paragraphs, I too wanted her fallopian tubes yanked out and wrapped tightly around her neck… but as I delved deeper into the news piece, I’ve decided that this was too extreme.

The two teens were manic depressives. It looks as though they used words like suicide and suicidal all the time. It’d become part of their relationship vernacular.

Key points of the article:

  • Michelle Carter encouraged Conrad Roy to take his own life
  • Both had struggled with depression
  • She now faces up to 20 years in jail

If you were her parent, you’d probably say it was just a foolish, immature act and something she’ll regret doing for the rest of her life. If you were his, you’d want to see her enjoy that regret behind steel bars.

As an outsider, I’m happy for the courts to do neither. I’d be satisfied with them simply irradiating her ovaries until her half of the human DNA equation is no more.

Manic depressives with suicidal tendencies don’t need to be replicating their flaws. That’d be condemning a child to a life of pain and heartache anyway. As for her, she can carry all the regret she can bear and be allowed to walk the streets free… just do it without viable eggs.

I’d then encourage her to become a keynote speaker in schools to become a living, breathing reminder of the dangers of texting and bullying-by-phone. Teaching young boys and girls of the consequences of saying anything and everything that pops into their heads would be far more helpful than locking her away and letting her rot.

But to do it effectively those eggs would definitely need to be destroyed. They need to be charred to a crisp – able to heard rattling around her withered ovaries whenever she jumps or runs. That’s the thing that gives the punishment substance.

To keep the feminists from abusing my idea by seeing it as one-sided, I’d be happy for the courts to pick a random boy and have them irradiate him too.

I’m sure it won’t be hard find a deserving candidate. They’re just as many bully-boys out there getting nasty through their e-devices. All it needs is someone with a well-positioned x-ray machine and a commitment to pressing the on button for a minute or two.

Once done, he and his peas can become advocates too, teaching the nutters and manic depressives to keep their fingers and opinions off their phones. There’s a lot of shit texted over phones, stuff said that wouldn’t be spoken face-to-face. Why text anyway? Go visit the person, make a damn call or shut the hell up! Stop texting!

Yes, improving the social etiquette of our youth when it comes to texting would be a good thing. All it needs is a sacrificial reproductive organ or two to start the process.

God knows how many lives can be saved by doing this. The stories it’d tell would become legendary education for the generations to come.



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