StumbleUpon – Changes and Improvements

We’re seeing some better figures from StumbleUpon.

I was about to give up on the application/service but suddenly the traffic increased on one of my blog posts. Post spikes are not unusual (some posts hit the mark) but I noticed something had changed with StumbleUpon when working on the last submission – they’re now including tags to accompany any submission a submitter makes to the service.
Nice one!
If you’re a regular SU user, you’ll come to find that the list of categories offered are (were) limiting. Too many times before, a post that I thought should be listed in Psychological Thrillers ends up appearing in a very generic, non-specific category like “Books” because any other option wasn’t available.
That’s changed.
Now, the service listing starts with ‘Books’ but then offers to refine it with tags. I can now include many tags at once. I’m not sure how many are allowed but I found several suitable tags to accompany my last post like; ‘Novels’ ‘Thrillers’ ‘Psychological Thrillers’ ‘Fiction’ and so on.
On another and separate issue. I submitted a niche-link-listing at DMOZ. There’s no guarantees they’ll accept it but niche links can be helpful little gems for the right site and topic.
Cheers – M.

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