Ink Jet Printers Suck!

I hate Inkjet Printers!

They run out of those damn inks all the time… and it only takes the loss of one colour to stop every printing project in its tracks.
CYAN? I’ve run out of CYAN? WTF? I don’t use CYAN!
I mostly print black on white. It’s just text, plain ol’ black that comes from the black tanks. CYAN can’t be out! If anything should be running out it should be black. CYAN doesn’t get a look-in, not at all!
Is this story familiar to you?
And then, just as one colour is replaced, another warns that it’s almost time to BE replaced. Jesus Christ! YELLOW is almost gone!
Surely four more A4 sheets of black printing isn’t enough to tip the YELLOW scales. I’ve not printed anything in YELLOW!
OFFS! Here we go again! Three sheets went through but now YELLOW halts progress.

How can this be? My last colour print was a year and five YELLOW tanks ago! I’m a writer of novels. It’s black print I use, BLACK PRINT MEANS BLACK INK!!

I Hate Inkjet Printers!
And what about all that nonsense before the printing takes place? I switch it on, the head runs back and forth. The carriage rolls and rolls… like it’s printing something.
I’ll bet it is.
I’ll bet that the ink is being squeezed out by the printer anyway. It’s a conspiracy. Ink will be consumed by the printer regardless of whether it’s being used for printing or not.
I tell you, inkjet printers lead to a riotous rort of overpriced, undersized ink tanks!
Okay, let’s replace everything this time; YELLOW, CYAN, MAGENTA, the small BLACK and big BLACK tanks. If everything is brand new then one page won’t be a problem. I need it now and I can’t wait any longer. The lid is closed and the mechanisms rumble on while I tap the table waiting for my turn to press PRINT.
There it goes! It’s ready! Let’s go!
What? The paper has run out!
I hate inkjet printers.

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