Remaining Dark on The Web

Staying hidden takes more than inventing an alias or covering your face.

Technology leaves digital footprints everywhere. The moment you log on to the ‘net via a computer, start-up your phone or take a picture, you’ve already identified yourself to those who know how to find you.

It's crash!A new name just isn’t enough. Clearing a browsing or calling history won’t cut it either.

Sometimes you don’t want to be found… at all!

Sometimes you want to navigate the E-world without leaving breadcrumbs everywhere.

Here are my basic tips to staying dark on the worldwide web:

  • Turn off photo GEO-location.
  • Don’t upload sound/video bytes or pics to a cloud service.
  • Don’t use Google Maps.
  • Don’t sign into Google anything.
  • Use a browser that doesn’t require sign-ins.
  • Use a browser that doesn’t load advertisements / pop-ups.
  • Buy and use a second phone and SIM card (for calls-only).
  • Use one phone for general use, another for dark-ing it.
  • Switch off the GPS on second phone and SIM.

Google knows everything. It collects and stores your online activity, your photos, your videos and everywhere you go.

If Google knows you, anyone else can know you too.

I find my victims this way. I stay hidden from the authorities by protecting those all important breadcrumbs. There are a few other things I do to cover my tracks but that takes far more to explain. Most folks wouldn’t makes sense of the jargon anyway.

But if you’re a garden-variety type of predator, most of what I’ve listed will do the trick. You’ll stay in the deep dark part of the web, hidden from everyone all of the time. Not even your mother would recognize you… not if you were standing beside her, digitally speaking of course.

Ironically, these are the same techniques that would save a person from becoming prey. Fortunately, they don’t see themselves that way. They forget easily and are attracted to the shiny things in their devices.

They like the Google features, syncing their devices across multiple platforms and then posting everything they do on social media, in real-time no less. In most cases, a predator wouldn’t need to dig too deep to pick-up something sweet and easy.

It’d be like taking candy from a baby.



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