Choosing A Neo-Noir Book for Bookclub.

Neo-Noir Book SEETHINGSDo you want to meet the most challenging book ever and show it to your bookclub, one from the neo-noir book shelf?

SEETHINGS isn’t your run of the mill thriller novel. It’s weird but strangely enticing. It’ll test you by sucking you into its disturbing narrative and asking you personal questions of life and love.

‘What would you do if it were you?’ It screams.

Not a Thriller but Neo-Noir Book.

What do I think about SEETHINGS? Well, it’s not exactly a thriller. I think a reader will debate whether this is the right genre it should belong to. It certainly thrills but there’s a much darker side that dominates the ‘thrills’ -is why I say this is a neo-noir book.

A reader will be pushed to digest the edgy, dark text and accept such spine chilling outcomes. The intimacy is so powerfully bleak that, at times, it’s awkward and uncomfortable but it’ll keep a voyeur in-the-room like a fly on the wall. They’ll witness events that only a twisted mind can make spin in the pages of good fiction. Pages will be turned in enthusiasm to see SEETHINGS to it’s surprising and shocking conclusion. Was our protagonist saved from the pain of a sexless marriage? The author makes it seem so and yet, what happened to make it so, wasn’t right.

It’s a masterful, well-thought out neo-noir book. At times, I believed in things I shouldn’t have while shaking my head in wholehearted disagreeance. I was undoubtedly conflicted by the time I finished the novel. There’s now a bruise left on my soul, I’m sure.

You won’t sit on the fence with this one, you’ll either love or hate it. It’ll be a cult-read if it isn’t already. That’s why this neo-noir book is THE neo-noir book to take to your next book club meeting.

It’s available on Kindle and from the site as a paperback.

-Mike (Angelwanderer)


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