Remove the Nipple Now

Female human nipples are evil.

Michael Forman Photography - Nude
Nipples not allowed!

That’s why I’ve modified a couple of my photos here.

Some of you know that I’m also a photographer and not just an author. Occasionally, I’ll drop a photo of my own onto social media while writing my novels. I’ve dropped flowers, landscapes, animals and nudes onto the world from my back-collections but it’ always the nudes that create controversy. Sometimes a simple warning comes down the pipeline while other times the offending pic is removed and a threat to ban me from posting more immediately follows.
The shots I post go out to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Twitter and other places.
My photographic work isn’t all that sexual. In fact, some would say that I’m very conservative – I don’t push erotiscm hard enough to tantalise. Even when I’ve shot couples in my studio, my choice has always been to use shadows, light, shape, action, etc, to create compositional attraction – a preference over open-legs, erect penises, sticky fingers in mouths and lips bitten in ecstasy. It’s not that I find sex offensive, it’s just that I don’t shoot that way. I never have.
Michael Forman Photography - #Freethenipple
Full Frontal! No way! 
But the Internet is super-sensitive when it comes to nudity, any nudity. Forget sexuality and eroticism, the female nipple is simply out for social media and it doesn’t matter how it’s displayed – if it’s done and found out, you’re banned! 
I don’t know about your life but in all of my mine nipples were very kind to me. I don’t intend to be humourous or male by saying that, I’m being completely honest. Nipples haven’t harmed me, ever. Grown women have good experiences with nipples too, as part of their childhoods. Most would say that this life-sustaining part of the female body deserves absolute respect, not shaming or blocking. Letting shirtless males through and stopping the females at the front door just doesn’t seem right.
Michael Forman Photography - #Freethenipple 2
Poses to hide nipples
Then there is that confounded public-breast-feeding debate where nipples pop out to serve a child. Again, I am not offended by nature’s way. I’m not sexually stimulated either – and it shouldn’t matter either way. What goes on in someone’s mind is their own business. Whip ’em out and let the kid feed for goodness sake. 
But it seems to me that these issues seem to come down to an awkward upbringing during the younger years. Positive examples examples over nudity, sexuality, touching, child-raising and the respect of all four of these simultaneously were few and far between. 
Some women become anxious around a nude boob, their own sexualities/mortalities threatened the very moment another female whips one out. We’ve also got plenty of anxious men who pop their loads at the sight of an exposed tit. Sad stories sure, but both of these people-types aren’t offended by nipples. Sure, they’re affected by them but that’s not an offense. Offense a just way to excuse the issues that they have deep inside.
In my opinion we should flood the Internet with nipples, to let the viewers get over-themselves, to desensitise those who are too strung out – who had bad examples as children.
Why can’t those who say they’re offended by nipples just do the responsible thing look away? Is it because they can’t? They’re unable to control their anxieties and so embrace them until they make someone else to do it for them?
Michael Forman Photography - Nude 3
Male nipples are okay!
Is it about morals?
Sure, let’s go the moral angle?
A nipple isn’t a moral – but it can be made into one if you let it. That says more about the potentially creepy, fanciful ideas of an offended viewer than the reality of what a nipple is: Dark skin surrounded by lighter skin.
Religion takes nudity and then shames it into place. Imagine that. Shame nudity? We were created naked, born naked but religion wants us clothed? Play it any way you like but something is wrong, very wrong indeed shaming the most beautiful thing ever created by any God.
Ahh it’s about sex, not God. Yes, sex seems to linger nearby whenever we talk nude right? Sex is offensive.
That’s what we’re really talking about, right?
Sure, why not? Let’s talk about sex.
Sex requires certain bits of us to be exposed to make intercourse happen. Sure, sex is a part of humanity too. Let’s not dance around it, nipples and sex are related… but that’s nothing to feel guilty about either. Once again, if positive examples are set early in life then we shouldn’t be discussing whether a female nipple needs an evil-tag because we have troubles distinguishing whether one appears for sexual stimulation, artistic comment, a medical study or anything else. As far as I’m concerned, nipples are inoffensive, period.
Like I said, if it’s all too much to handle then just look away. Forcing the nipple-police remove them doesn’t remove deep-seeded anxieties, nor does it stop nipples from being posted in other places. It’s better to have a positive approach to nudity and sex than to think the problem will be fixed by a tag-and-ban regime.
Nipples are here to stay. Nipples are a part of what makes us human.
Please share and help humans take back their humanity from the fear created by shame and guilt.
A great photo ruined.

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