5 Favourite Places To Visit

I’ve had some great opportunities to travel and seen some spectacular sights along the way. You’d think as a photographer I would’ve seen it all but the best I’ve been a part of hasn’t existed through the lens and made it to film (CMOS for those unsure of this retro-style term).
There are special times in our lives , those that connect with us personally, deeply, in ways that no picture can reproduce, no matter the skill of the photographer or quality of camera. It’s always around those times of our life, death, great happy and sadness that make their mark on us most. A picture is just various measurements of ink on white paper organised to represent what the light was doing to surfaces appearing in front of the camera when the shutter went off. It’s clever but it still captures none of the real emotion of the person using the it, none of the photographer’s essence at all. At best it’s shows him or her a reflection of interests, a wishlist of passions. I admit that my own passions have changed in recent times – an adjustment influenced by changes in lifestyle, but those passions exist just the same.
I’m sorry, I’ve digressed. My apologies. I do that sometimes. I promised you a blog post on favourite places and then meandered off the path and went all Freudian. Let me smack my hand and now return to the places I was about to take you. Here they are, those I love, those that never showed so in their respective pictures.
  1. Boulia Qld (Australia) – After several days westing it by car out of Brisbane, the state of Queensland starts to run out of land. at this last little major town on the map. Sure, it was a charmer (like many other towns before it), but it was the Min Min story that pulled me and the memory of stories told during my childhood Boulia’s way. The Min Min light is a well-known Australian fable. The mysterious green glow has many mentions in literature and I wanted to see it myself. I found the site of the old Min Min Hotel, a disreputable pub in no man’s land where the light was first seen. Alas, I saw no light but the experience to find and witness the place was as illuminating.
  2. Brú na Bóinne – Boyne Valley (Ireland) – Commonly known as Newgrange, this may well be the oldest human construction on the planet. It’s not the shape of it that interests me, for it is not extraordinary to look at, even Egypt’s pyramids and England’s Stonehenge offer more to the eye. It’s the building’s existence that hooks me in. Why is it there? What was its purpose? How did the people of the time connect with it? Were their fears different to our own? Has humanity changed over 5000 years?
  3. Strahan Tasmania (Australia) – This quiet little town on the Gordon River is my kind of place. There’s no hurrying in Strahan and everywhere you look is a picture postcard photo opportunity. It’s shiny and bright under a golden sun, misty and mysterious during the rain. If I had money to have a holiday home during the summer months, Strahan would be my choice of place. Strahan was to be the beginning for Australia. The wide, deep, protected harbour would’ve been perfect for European sailors and settlers… thank God it didn’t happen otherwise it might have become another concrete city like Sydney.
  4. Eucla W. Australia (Australia) – For those who have followed my notes on F/Book, you’ll remember my nudie encounter with a seal. That’s not why I’ve flagged Eucla. Seals aside, there’s almost nothing at Eucla – except an old telegraph station and a broken down jetty. It’s the clean, undisturbed view of ocean, beach and sky that strikes me most. It is like nowhere I’ve seen before… and I’ve seen plenty of sky, beach and ocean in my time! It reminds me of how clean Australia is compared to the rest of the world.
  5. Tangalooma Qld (Australia) – For a long while this was my home away from home, away from house and land. I cannot tell you how liberating it was to be disconnected from the chaos of land-based life, on the ever-changing waters of Moreton Bay! (Another time for more details on that). Tangalooma is like many of the island based resorts in the Whitsundays only its just across across the bay, 45 mins from the business end of Brissie! White sand, blue water… plenty of sharks to keep your island experience real! (lol) The dolphins, the beer, the girls, the beer, the paragliding, the beer… and you’re tropical anywhere Australia, just one horizon away from the hustle and bustle.
There are many other places I could have put in place of these five faves, hotels, motels, B&Bs, restaurants, resorts, gardens, camping places, cities, forests…  but none have made their mark like these. These are those closest to my life, to my heart.
Perhaps you have a favourite place of your own… maybe you’d like to share it. Drop me line and let me know.


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