Lavender and Rosemary

Every gardener in each state of Australia adopts a common plant for their home gardens, something that thrives with little attention or effort.

In my old state Queensland, Poinsettias, Jacaranda trees (see above) and Bougainvillea dot the suburbs. In Western Australia, it’s Rosemary and Lavender. (See below)

I’ve always associated Lavender with my Grandmother. Perfumes, soaps and the like were scented with the herb. It’s not used so much today.
The connection I have with Rosemary goes like most others: Sunday roasts. 
There’s a shopping centre carpark not far from home that uses Rosemary as a hedge right around it. There’s enough rosemary in that hedge to flavour everyone’s roasts in Australia for the next hundred years!

If you add-in ALL the hedges from all the shopping centres, the businesses, the homes and the clusters of bushes in almost every apartment’s garden, unit, flat, house and caravan’s garden, there’s enough to service the entire planet’s population with flavourful roasts for a millenia.
There’s enough lavender around Perth to fill the underwear drawer of every grandmother and great grandmother who has been and ever will be, until the end of time.
Here’s to lavender and rosemary!

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