Which Search Engine is Best? Google or Bing?

Judging by the feeds in social media of late, there’s a push to change to Bing.

Government departments are now switching to Bing as their choice of primary search engine. It makes for interesting reading. They now want public servants to be aware of the greater community instead of believing what GOOGLING would provide.

I’ve always thought Google had too much weight and power when it came to supplying what it feels is relevant information for searches. Google has had an unhealthy bias towards paid content and/or site popularity. What about new content that isn’t paid for or hasn’t yet paid to get popular? How does a searcher find THAT content?

Bing finds THAT content, beating Google every time.

Bing kind of goes back to the days of Alta Vista and the original Yahoo when website content mattered. Sure, it looks at site-relevance too but it doesn’t get freakishly weird about it. Its algorithms are intelligent enough to discriminate between a real site and one that has been set up as a fake to generate false-traffic – the only defence Google has left to justify its actions.

GOOGLE wants searchers to trust its results. It doesn’t want to be disputed.

And still there are websites that are missed from simple searches. They’re not fake-sites. They’re real and very relevant to any searcher’s request. They’re just omitted from a top ten search because…. it’s a Google search.

Google now owns 96% of the search market and it makes huge money from being that powerful. It tells advertisers AND searchers what IT wants both to know. If you’ve ever wondered why you can’t find something on the ‘net that should’ve been be totally obvious then you’ve found your answer.


Changing to BING will do two things.

  1. Improve your search results.
  2. Choke Google.

If half of the world went to Bing for its searches, the other half would follow.

Use Bing… and pray GOOGLE doesn’t come to own it soon. – Michael


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