Old shed equals new sewing room.

Just when I thought all the home reno work was done and finished, Margo taps me on the @shoulder and reminds me: ‘Hey! Don’t forget my sewing room!’
Taking out the ‘junk’ for the reno work.
I kinda knew it would come but I was keen to move on with the new novel… so I put the old shed at the back of my mind. Last week it was about the open-storage shed. The week before was about raising a bed in our big shed. These projects only served to remind me that we are still stuck for space and we need to keep finding more. There’s a whole garage full of of craft and sewing stuff that needs a better home and we can’t get cars into that garage because of it!!!!
The old olive green (almost brown) shed was the only extra space left – but was always there from the moment we arrived. At first, we stuffed it full with our non-essential belongings while working on the house. You can describe it as either a small single car garage or a very large lawn locker. There’s no power in it. There are no lights. Windows… are you kidding? All it has is one tilt-a-door on its front and some concrete slabs for a floor. The frame is strong and so are the walls and roof.
Old sliding door against new shed
And we do have enough hardware leftovers from the home renos to take this tin shed into a clean work-space. We have the old sliding aluminium glass front door we had for a front door, a kitchen window and bits of drywall offcuts. Enter into the plan: A sewing and craft room.
It needs electricity, that’s for sure. I will take a line of power to it. I’m thinking of taking water to it too. A sewing machine needs electricity and a steam iron uses H2O. Having a kettle there too sounds like a nice idea for someone who’s there for a while. Margo intends to have racks everywhere so I’m sure this will help remove the some gear from the main shed and give us the right amount of space back to start parking cars inside it.
A trench for power and water.
That’s my week planned. – M


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