Memories of Yesteryear.

Not exactly Moreton Bay but it’ll do!
It wasn’t too long ago when I lived on the water and sailed the four corners of Moreton Bay. The experiences and knowledge I gained from it will stay with me forever.
I learnt much about myself. I wrote, sailed and met people from all walks of life. I changed myself in so many ways. I saw and did things I never dreamed I’d do. What a special time it was. Life will never be the same again.
Then I moved to Western Australia. Margo and I bought an old beach shack and set about gutting it and re-building from the concrete slab up. Everything had to change inside it. I had to change again too. I became a builder, a plasterer, and electrician, etc. My previous life skills gave me just enough of the right stuff to go ahead and take apart out home and put it back together. The result is almost complete and I’m starting to wind the work down. Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty left to do… but the living spaces are all done and so’s the entertainment area. The house is now a home. Eighteen months of dust, swarf, plaster, dirt and painting is coming to a close. I have more time to write and play.
Bike Riding For Those Extra-Special Shadows.
We recently bought a reasonable-sized fishing boat and now take it out. Life on the water has come to me again. The thing goes quite a lot faster than my yacht but the circle is complete. It’s just as well because this is what I saw this morning:

Bobbi Lea Dionysius paid me a visit last night, well, kinda…she landed in Perth to make an inbound, oversees flight transfer. We teed up a meeting shortly after she found out she was going to visit Hungary to do a film documentary. Her itinerary listed Perth on her return flight and up-popped a Facebook message: You want to catch up for coffee?

Bobbie’s been writing and performing for ages. I met her while doing a show in Brisbane. We were actors in Secret Travel Agents (2007?), a comedy musical written and directed by John Wikman. We’ve kept in touch ever since.

Hungary is a long way from treading the boards in ol’ Brisbane town but television and TV production is closer to what she wants to do. In between times she writes reviews for theatre shows here and goes to university to study film and tv. I don’t know where she finds the time to write reviews, do documentaries and apply for grants to produce documentaries oversees but she gets it done.

Long flight and wishing for a hot shower.
Over a pizza and a coffee we talked about the Hungary project. To be honest, I’m not really sure of the documentary’s final objective. Language barriers in Hungary seemed to shift the primary ideas around a bit. There was that problem and the too-many-chiefs issue. Everyone in the project wanted to direct and none did any of the peripheral stuff like sound and lighting  Essentially, the concept was to bring stories of personal hardship out of Hungary back to Australian ABC (organised long before the Syrian crisis took hold in the region). But the Hungarian side had their own agenda and this shuffled things around.
Old friends, new stories.
Too many bosses. Too many ideas. Too much fiddle-faddling to keep one ship on one course.
It reminds me of a few of the writer’s groups I visited years back. Everyone had their own thoughts about how things should be done in building a book’s narrative but little got done to complete one. Some authors never get off the ground simply because the ideas kept on coming.
If you’re a writer and looking to keep your literary ship on course, make a plan and stick to it. Listen to the advice offered by others but don’t get buried in it. It’s your work. Only you know where you’re going with it. Only you can get it to where it’s going and finish it. – Michael Forman

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