Paper Orgasms

paper orgasms by Michael FormanPaper orgasms? Are you sure you want to go down that path Michael?

You’re writing psychological thrillers, not literotica!

Why not include literotica in a story about love and murder?

Sex is suspenseful, right? Good sex includes great suspense. We say sex starts in the brain so why not take the suspense from one act of life and then use it to link to another? Readers can then be taken to places they’d never expect. Good erotica isn’t exclusive to books written for tease.

Sex and sexual attraction can be used to take any narrative’s characters on a wild journey in the types worlds we don’t normally frequent. Lori Beeton (reader) said my literotica was very feminine. (She’s also read a lot of Dean Koontz by the way.) She says I take my time to set the moment and don’t rush to get business done.

Paper Orgasms: My Literotica

paperorgasms2It’s true, I do hold back from getting to the ‘action.’ That’s because once intercourse begins our deal has its ‘agreement’ and all that’s left is to do is the paperwork. It’s the bit before the ‘deal’ that offers so much more. Fear, excitement, anticipation, uncertainty, the psychological itch and scratch – they all serve up plethoras of sub-moments in which to write about.

Eyes that shift, bodies which change, breathing that falters to reveal inner desires – tell us stories far greater than those of the pumping action of a man and a woman in full flight. We all know how THAT goes. IT’S predictable. Really, it’s all about negotiating the unspoken ‘agreement’, studying those things that make us want to reach out to touch someone and be touched by another is what matters.

First contact is what it’s all about baby! Savour that moment! Read about it in my books! -M0e01a2606633abef9a7f7c6ec14110e2

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