News – Michael Forman & SEETHINGS

Arrrgh! Damn IRS and their prolonged process of paper shuffling! Hurry up guys, SEETHINGS is ready to go!
In the meantime, some concreting to keep me busy…
There’s a retaining wall, a fence, a slab on the go and when the concrete slab has set, that wall beside it has to come out. I’ve a reading nook and a butler’s pantry to put in it’s place.
The main bedroom turned out just nicely thank you.
Ripped out a dividing wall to turn two small rooms into the one large one you see above. I liked the idea of removing the old foam ceiling too – to expose the home’s frame. It feels so spacious now and, with the new led-lights pointed upwards, the frame’s shadows introduce a new, deeper feature at night that was previously hidden. They’re alsow handy for theme nights when we want to drape stuff. (Hey! Check out that nasty wood laminate everywhere inside the bits I haven’t got to yet. Now that’s gotta go!)
Margo’s a great gardener and turns every ungrowable are into fertile ground. She’s got great ideas too – turning my old work boots into flower pots.
We’re currently enjoying a bumper crop of phenyl, eggplant, lettuce parsely, rosemary, potatoes, with strawberries, tomatoes and beans on the way.
My birthday passed recently and I had a great day doing nothing in particular – a bit of fishing, an ice cream on the Estuary foreshore, lunch in the marina, then Margo and I stopped for a Devonshire Tea near Mandurah. The place had a maze…  
Well that’s it for me for now. Hopefully the IRS will be in touch soon and you’ll be reading a copy of SEETHINGS shortly afterwards.
See ya, -Mx
(6th Dec 2014 My Novel SEETHINGS is avail for your library here)

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