Scratchy AM Band Radios

I Love Scratchy, Crackly, AM-Band Transistor Radios!

My Fishing Radio
Yes, it’s kooky. I’ve so much good audio around me these days, what with phones, iPods, tablets… why go backwards to A.M. radio?
Sub-woofing thumps are nice but maybe I’m getting too old to endure them each time I pop a song on. Sometimes I don’t want my body penetrated that way – preferring the sound of a pathetically tuned, low resolution pocket AM radio – especially when fishing.
So I’ve found myself browsing E-Bay for old radios. 
And I got a few – one adorns my workshop, another I keep in the boat and there’s another I move around the house when I’m working on it.

Yes, we also have a lovely home stereo system for those times we want the fullest musical experience. Even my phone bluetooths some great tunes to a cordless BOSE speaker (for portability) … but there’s nothing like the comforting sound of AM radio when I’m writing or working on some homey project.

Workshop Radio

FM is a bit too pure for me. It’s crystal clear. There’s a fantastic tonal range and separation in FM stereo… and that’s why I despise it. So why do I keep going back to AM when I lose so much in it?

I think the answer lies right there.
AM strips the music down. It’s monophonic and just a few middle-tones to hold it together. It’s just enough without crossing over to being imposing or offensive. There are times when I want my music to form a background, not dominate the foreground.

Perfect and Portable

My karaoke and theatre singing treats music differently. I examine it much more closely – and I have all the gear to do that. For other times, I like step out and have it stay way back in the corner.
That’s what Scratchy AM radio does for me.

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