Dissociation: Fiction or Fact with a twist?


‘He took the tip of his tongue, pushed it forward and licked underneath Nina’s eyelid, probing, searching for a soul beyond it.’

Situational dissociation : SEETHINGS novel She flinched as its heat transferred onto her eye. She screamed but no one could hear it. She thrashed in the mud, trying to fend him off, turned her head away but he was too strong. She’d become weak in the fight. His body became hard and frenzied as the storm grew.

Rain poured from his face onto hers. Lightning struck nearby and lit the night sky again. It froze raindrops in the air. There was nothing she could do but feel him twitch, lick and his c*ck thicken. He licked her eye one more time, stealing all tears as they rose to the surface. And then his mouth turned to slurp up a mixture of rain and blood from the other.

When lightning struck the tree and delivered that familiar crack, he knew that was the signal. This was the end. His pushed high into her, hot semen flowed and his thumbs clamped down onto her throat. The faces of the others appeared in hers until her breathing stopped and his orgasm subsided.

…but he never remembered doing any of this in the morning. (-Abridged excerpt from SEETHINGS.)

Situational Dissociation: Blacking out

The orgasm is one such time when emotions pique to a level that has the potential to detach organised civility from primal want.

Such a journey is like a sneeze and, like any one of them, the result is predictable and safe. The nose twitches, air is drawn in, the diaphram contracts at speed and a rush of air is expelled. There are no life or death issues hidden within the top end of a sneeze.

A sneeze isn’t really an orgasm at all. It’s only a way to describe one. For someone who has never had and orgasm but fronts the beginning of one, the experience can be overwhelming. Some say it’s like dying and coming back to life again.

And going to the brink is momentarily distracting. There is a possibility that another creature can creep in underneath the skin and take over.

In SEETHINGS, it is a sexual high that triggers Mitchell Felding’s blackouts.

They aren’t blackouts… they are temporary swap-overs.

He says that his mind transitions, adapting itself to protect another part of it from a dangerous heightened emotional state inside sex.

Situational Dissociation: The Waking

There is an assumption that this reality is fixed, unchangeable. It’s not like dreams. Dreams, although a reality too, are considered benign. On waking, all of a dream is wiped away. Only emotional shadows are left on the memory. For the most part, they fade and have little affect on the waking side of concsiousness.

Mind Works: The puzzleMitchell Felding suggests that waking from reality adaptation is not like returning from a state of restfulness or zombie-like activity. It’s about sliding sideways and accepting a new normality within the same space and time.

Situational Dissociation. Is it Schizophrenia?

It’s not schizophrenia. Multiple personality disorders look at the individual’s state of mind not the reality it’s in. Like a palm tree bending in the wind, schizophrenia studies the shape and size of its lean. It identifies the tilt and then asks the tree to accept change. Drugs and education deal with the management of the new ‘life-of-lean’. Nothing deals with the wind.

Usher SyndromeMitchell claims that repetitive reality adaptation can lead to a permanency in breakaway personalities. SEETHINGS refer to a real-life case study, medically known as Usher Syndrome – an adult female who has no ability to see, hear or speak. The study reveals a patient who has many characters inside her mind that are in a constant war with each other.

Mitchell challenges his psychiatrist. He demands that this study is not about situational dissociation but situational adaptation because her sensory input doesn’t allow her mind to explore the world in a way that most of us do. He agrees to a point but not on the term. Mitchell then takes a knife to Tony’s flesh to prove to him how situational dissociation is only part of the story, the results of which exposes the rest.

SEETHINGS is about sex, rape, lies, and a new but a new disturbing truth about the way we view the human mind inside the bedroom. – M


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