Non-Spontaneous Sex: Better Than No Sex?

Can’t Find Time To Make Time For Whoopie?

Dear Cheryl: My wife and I have two little kids. When we come home from work, we’re busy with them. There’s dinner, homework, baths, stories and bed. We can’t even make time for non-spontaneous sex.

It leaves 90 minutes or so to straighten up, do laundry and catch a little TV.

By that time my wife is exhausted, so night time sex is rare. Sex before work is what I call “zombie sex.”

Making dates is out of the question, and planning special weekends seems unnecessary. I know that busy people are making time for sex. I’d just like to know just how they’re doing it.

— Frustrated

Dear Frustrated: Why are “dates” out? What’s wrong with planning special weekends? Why not hire a babysitter on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to take the kids to a movie? What about getting the in-laws to take the kids for a weekend? Or trading off with another couple?In other words, what’s wrong with scheduling sex? You schedule everything else. I know it’s not spontaneous, but non-spontaneous sex is better than no sex at all, isn’t it? And sex leads to more sex.

Don’t let your frustration build, and don’t get into a sexless marriage. You’ll both regret it.

Source: Non-Spontaneous Sex Is Better Than No Sex At All. Or Is It? by Cheryl Lavin

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