Men: Guilty Until Proven Guilty

Emasculating men: Nobel-scientist attacked online

Emasculated Biochemist Sir Tim Hunt and Wife Professor Mary Collins

Welcome to a new sport: Emasculation!

It’s been two hundred years since the first feminist movement demanded equality and made an enormous societal change that’d last forever. In this brave new world where the sexual gap is smaller than it has ever been, the movement moves on to  dismantling male-ness entirely. It’s emasculating men for sport and glory.

Emasculating men: The story of Sir Tim Hunt


It’s a very disturbing news piece regarding the opinions of Nobel Prize Winner, Sir Tim Hunt. He’s all but lost every piece of intellectual and personal credibility to a social media attack launched by a group of sexism-hyped feminists and feminist sympathisers who attended his recent speech that included some light humour and these few words that made some of them take to Twitter to voice their disgust.

“Let me tell you about my trouble with girls. Three things happen when they are in the lab. You fall in love with them, they fall in love with you, and when you criticise them, they cry,” he told delegates.

Emasculation: Words in and out of context.

This was worth bullying the man over – by those too coward to front up in person, protected by an all-empowering force-field of feminism. The group let fly on Twitter – but over what?

Even out of context his statement is inoffensive. It’s true, women cry more often. That’s not a sexist statement or a failing on women’s part. It’s merely a generalized truth. Women can’t wage a war by emasculating men to get back what was perceived to be lost. Nothing was taken and everyone knows no one wins a war. Gracious, intelligent people can see through the glass ceiling clearly. They don’t need feminist force-fields to unleash their kind of justice and hell at will.

Then there’s the falling in love part. What’s wrong with that? People fall in love all the time. Love makes the world go around. That’s a good thing, right?

Just how is that fact offensive?

Emasculating Men: What about respect?

Sir Tim Hunt has been around longer than those who persecuted him. We must respect his life-experiences. It should’ve been an honour to listen to a world that he’s witnessed through his eyes. Who are these young, cowardly upstarts who have little experience anyway? A headful feminist ideals is not a qualification, nor is owning a Twitter account and an itchy finger.

The world is half male. Females have to work with them, not attack them every time one uses girls, females, or women in a sentence!

Not every comment a man makes is a sexist one – unless you go looking for it of course. Searching for sexist undertones says more about the listener’s state of mind than the speaker’s! The man is still correct, worldly aware and perfectly qualified to make a comment like that without fear of a backlash.

Sir Tim Hunt said nothing to suggest that he is a sexist-pig. He doesn’t dislike women at all.

I wish feminism would stop looking for the misogynist-boogeyman in everything they touch and then emasculating males when the hint of one arrives. It’s ruining men’s lives and, in the long term, it keeps them from talking to their women about more important issues!



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