Want an E-reader? 3 Reasons To Say Yes!

Do I need an E-reader? Really? I Already Have a Phone!

These are the 3 best reasons you need to put your phone down and get an E-reader right now!

Do I need an E-reader?

So you’ve thought about an E-reader but aren’t quite sure. After all, a phone or a tablet seems to do the same thing. It’s pointless having another e-device, right? Well, the following information comes from a reader’s viewpoint, not a geek’s love of talking up some techno-babble!

Do I need An E-reader? Here’s The Pros!rBVaGlYNDEqAKqisAAChSLSudsE111

  1. Super Long Battery Life.
  2. Easy On The Eye.
  3. Application Interruptus Not Needed-us.


  1. Super Long Battery Life: You’re on a long haul flight or perhaps a camping trip where phone/tablet charging options are out. E-readers will last months between charges. When your phone dies, your e-reader will keep on going!
  2. Easy On The Eye: Screen watching has its  pitfalls… but e-readers are much more stable and gentle on the optic nerve. Their screens deliver text in a crisp, clean environment. It’s surprising how soothing an e-reader is to the eye compared to that of a phone or tablet. Don’t forget, the screen surface is about the size of a book and this means that the size and quantity of text shown on a page is the same too. Books read on small screens are just a blech to manage!
  3. Application Interruptus: Application switching on phones and tablets take time – book app to a music app, music to Facebook, Facebook to SMS, SMS back to book. Some would appreciate a separate electronic device that doesn’t need all that attention. You pick it up to read it and then put it down to stop it. There’s nothing more to know.

KT-df-03._CB166940136_Do I need an e-reader? The a-ha Moment!

Okay, I’m sure you’ve studied the memory specifications of e-readers by now and figured out by now that most can store a State Library’s worth of books even on a moderate-sized model. I don’t need to sell you on that. What I can add is the flexibility of text sizing on their screens. At first, this appears as no biggie because phones can do that too. But the e-reader’s screen is bigger to begin with, right? I already mentioned this. Having a bigger surface area means that you can take 11pt text up to 16pt without limiting the screen to delivering you just four sentences at a time!

Bingo! Yes, that one does matter. I’d hate to keep flip the pages over so quickly. Who’d want to read a novel that way?

How do the books get into my E-reader?

wifi link. This can be your home wifi or the one at your local coffee shop. Wifi is available at almost every public library these days. Many popular bars, shopping centres and eateries have wifi. Anywhere people stop to read things, wifi is available accessed. (Tip: Use your phone as a wifi hotspot by selecting ‘Wifi Hotspot’ in the settings sections and let it be your wifi access point. See tutorial below.)

Downloading any book only requires seconds. You won’t need wifi again until you want a new book to read.

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