Very Pinteresting.

Pinteresting Times for Noir Literature

It’s Pinteresting times for Noir literature!

I’ve been Pinteresting for several years. The first pin I stuck up was around four years ago. It was for my book and it was a JPEG version of its cover. I’ve now around 5000 pins out there cycling around the Pinterest world, many of them dedicated to noir, the genre I write for. It’s ironic that an image-based social site can attract so many readers to a text-driven web-site… but it works.

I’ve a Noir board simply titled ‘Noir’. If I see an image with a dark element about it, it’s goes onto that board. Every so often, I’ll stick an image on that board with the title of my book/s on it or an picture of me to let people know what I do. The attached link comes right to my home-site.

There are several boards I’ve created and each are connected to a major element of the writing. (with an exception to a few)

Pinteresting Related Content:

  • Storms – SEETHINGS and HEAR THINGS contains storms, emotional and literal.
  • Photography – SEETHINGS has photography as part of it’s narrative.
  • Seduction – Sex makes up a big part of both novels.
  • Affairs – Sex with strangers is a far more interesting read, don’t you think?
  • Sailing – HEAR THINGS takes noir onto the water.
  • Moreton Island – HEAR THINGS spends quite some time here.
  • Hacking – My protagonist hacks into phones and computers.
  • Novel – A closer look at the novels.

Pinteresting Unrelated Content:

  • Cats – I like cats.
  • Earth images – I love great scenery!
  • Bags – Margo’s fantastic sewing interests. (My partner loves to make bags)

So, check them out. Enjoy my very Pinteresting images. Get a feel for what my books and I’m about by sampling them. Re-pin them as you like, especially those with the book’s titles or myself on them.

headshoulders2small Michael Forman (author)

P.S. Here’s a sample:

noir on pintrest


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