Mind State: Nyctophilia. Love the Night

So you like living in DARKNESS?

(Better yet, do you love being tormented by what you can’t see or know?)Nyctophilia: A love hate relationship with the darkness

Nyctophilia refers to one having a love of the night. What about state of mind? Can dwelling in psychological darkness be included as part of nyctophilia too?

There are those who find release and peace inside black thoughts and shadowy sensations. I’m not talking about dragging depression or evil into it, not necessarily anyway. It’s the darkness itself that completes them. It’s a place to keep those things that exceed the boundaries of regular social standards away from others.

For instance: Cutting flesh to explore pain would come under such a classification. So would thoughts of suicide.

Nyctophilia: Not Just About The Night

There’s a lot we don’t say to each other about what’s going on inside our head. The fear of being misunderstood keeps us from revealing evils that others may perceive to be inside of us. Instead of expressing that inner darkness, we hide it by cultivating a sun shiny facade. We do it to conform and provide comfort for those we care about.

Another nyctophilic mind-state would be wanting to listen and watch someone die.

Do you share that wish too?

Or do you keep it closed off to others? I mean, it’s not like you’d be able snap a finger and create an opportunity to make that happen. So why do we fear revealing this secret?

The truth is that dwelling in psychological night-scapes scare the living hell out of most people.

Nyctophilia: Worlds Between Worlds 

This is where reality and fantasy meld. Our mind gives us the power to be anything, to do everything we’d like to without boundaries, without consequences. Delineation between good and evil thoughts, right and wrong intentions, doesn’t exist inside this mind-space. If someone cuts you off in traffic, your thoughts may see them having an accident and dying painfully in the twisted wreck – a perfectly acceptable wish to have. (As long as you don’t say it out aloud.)

Many people believe that dreams, wishes and nightmares are strong enough to influence our waking realities. That is, if you can think it, you mean it… and you’re also capable of doing it! That’s the power that we believe transcends these two realities!

Of course there are those stupid little issues that surround any kind of real life vindication: For a car crash, a family needs to lose a loved one. A team of strangers has to scrape up bloody body parts and goo from the road. It’s a complication for sure. So is jail.

But while they’ll tell us that this punishment doesn’t right another’s wrong, many of them will think the very same things for the same reason!

So we’re left to romance our little secrets alone, in the darkness, to let them fester and grow. It’s psychological nyctophilia through and through.

And now there’s some real proof that the other reality can influence this one – and comes in the form of a very simple test: Shooting hoops.

Three hundred non-basketballers were divided into 3 equal groups.

  1. Those who practised shooting hoops.
  2. Those who pretended to shoot hoops.
  3. Those who did neither.

The first objective was to quantify their free-throw starting skill level. They were to be re-tested after their task was complete.

Group one were allowed to have balls and a practise court. The second group had the use of a court but no balls. Instead, they were encouraged to visualise shooting hoops and rehearsed over and over..

Group three did neither.

When the task was over, they were called together to have one final free-throw shoot out. The results were astounding.

Group three’s ability to sink hoops remained unchanged but group one and two improved their shot statistics considerably. The interesting thing was that they were almost identical improvements. (24% and 23% respectively)

Thinking about doing a task is as good as doing it!

Nyctophilia: Raizing a Dream to Life

For those of us imagining twisted car wrecks and accidental falls down staircases, this means that what you’re thinking is really happening in the here and now! That body you imagined lying at the body of a well is the murder you just committed. You did it! You gave them a push and got the job done. It really happened.


Feel that tingle just under your hairline? Yes, that’s what it’s meant to feel like.

That’s your brain waking millions of previously dormant cells. Millions of connections are now being made between alternate realities via your mind. All it needed was someone to show it that it’s possible. They’ll continue to tingle as they grow in number. In time, you’ll become used to it… and even like it. Soon you’ll find out how to travel through the different reality conduits using them.

The awakening is just the first part. There’s so much more beyond this. I’m here to help you make the next transition. Join me in turning psychological nyctophilia into your own paradise.

Mitchell Felding


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