Moreton Island Murder Baffles Police. Investigations Continue.

 What are you looking at? I'm not a real reporter. Got you!Story by reporter: Julie Sephlia : Twitter: i.sephlia : Facebook

Moreton Island: Murder In Paradise.

Moreton Bay MurderMoreton Island has become the scene of a most bizarre murder which has investigators stumped. A female’s naked body was found bound and tied, caught on the propeller of a yacht anchored near Lucinda Bay.

How she got there and who she is not known.

Yachtsman Neil Lundy discovered the body caught on the bottom of his boat first thing this morning.

“We heard a bump under her [the boat] and wondered what it was. I got under it and saw some rope wrapped around the prop… I freed it and a body popped up. I’ll never forget what I saw,” Lundy said.

Police were sent to the region immediately this morning to investigate.

At this time there is no known cause of death and the name of the victim has not yet been established. All tourists have been accounted for and no one on the island has been reported missing. Police say the victim is aged in her late teens or early twenties.

Investigations continue on Moreton Island and the surrounding areas.

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3 thoughts on “Moreton Island Murder Baffles Police. Investigations Continue.

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