Boat Nookie. Noirotica for mariners.

Couple tease each other on the water! HOT!

Sex on a boat. Make love on the water“Why don’t put some clothes on and we’ll go ashore. You better get some sunscreen on those shoulders. They look like they’re about to burn.”

She reached for the bottle of sunscreen.  “Here, why don’t you do it? I like it when you rub me.”

“You mean−”

“I know what I said.” She handed him the sunscreen and then tapped him on his thighs. Can I sit here?”

Mitchell sat back and parted his knees so she could sit on the seat in front of him. “Sure.”

“Now this is cosy. Don’t you think?” Her teenage bottom nestled against the insides of his legs and his d*ck.

“Very cosy. Let me just get something out of the way before you wriggle back any further.”

 Sex on a boat continued

She giggled. “We don’t want to damage that now do we? It may come in handy later.”

Her mother would’ve said something like that. In fact, she probably did. Twenty two years ago, he would’ve rubbed the lotion on her and erected a monument to the occasion.

“I can feel you growing Mitchell,” Natasha said with a laugh. “You can’t hide that from me. In twenty- two years, he hadn’t changed a bit.”

“I can’t help that. It does its own thing.”

Sex on a boat continues

Not having sex on a boat. Just giggling“Does it always pop up unexpectedly like that? Mum said it did.”

“Unexpectedly like that ? No, that wasn’t unexpected. I completely expected that to happen. You’re mother would’ve expected it too. It wasn’t always a surprise you know. She used to tease me all the time. I think she’d get off on making me hard.

She giggled again. “That’s mum alright. So, what makes you hard Mister Felding? You weren’t hard when we put the anchor down. You had a flippy-floppy one then.

“Stop it Natasha.”

“Tell me what makes you hard Mitchell and I’ll do whatever you want.”

Mitchell continued to rub the skin on her shoulders even though the lotion had long disappeared from its surface.

“If you really want to know, it’s you. You park your bum here and then wriggle it on me − what’s a man to do but take some interest? I just love touching your skin too. Your back is so fine. Your neck… you can’t just come over here do that and not expect to get a twitch out of it!”

“She told me she’d make you twitch. That was the very word she used.

“Jesus Christ! Is there anything you two didn’t talk about?”

“Umm, nope!”

“Did you mother tell you what would happen right after she made me twitch.”

Sex on a boat cont…


“Then what was it?”

Natasha stood, turned herself around, stepped up to the seat and squatted. “This!” She said. She took hold of his erection, licked her other hand, smeared her shaven pussy with spit and then wriggled down onto him.

His eyes rolled backwards and his lips parted. “Unnff.”

“Was it that Mitchell? What did you say?”

Mitchell’s eyes fluttered as her heat transferred across to him, flooding his body with pleasure.

“Was that what my mother did to you after she made you hard?”

“He opened his eyes and replied, “Yes.”

She began a slow rhythm of rising and falling. “What else Mitchell? What else would she do to…

This excerpt comes from Michael Forman’s follow-up novel to SEETHINGS. This yet untitled novel is having the final touches put to it right now. Keep in touch with its progress by subscribe to this site.

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