Michael, what’s happening dude?

What’s writer do when he’s not thinking up kooky ways to end the lives of his characters?
Karaoke is one thing he might do…
Karaoke is a hobby of mine and in Mandurah there are plenty of venues offering karaoke and I still get out 2 – 3 times a week to belt out a tune or two.
Thats not me singing at Murphy’s Bar.
This is me:
I usually go for Meatloaf, Robbie Williams, Elton John or something from Billy Idol. They are in my range and I enjoy singing this material. This is one of the many things I do between writing and waiting for the next ’round of edits to come through for SEETHINGS.
Another project I’m working on is my home. I recently bought a beach house and am renovating it.
Shortly after we moved in, I built Margo a potting shed out of old glass doors. She set about
planting a vegetable garden and now we’ve got herbs, vegetables and citrus on the grow. I then ripped out the original sliding door on the front of the home and the ceiling in two bedrooms. When it’s finished we’ll have high ceilings and LED lights throughout the home.
Margo and I also like to fish and take walks along our beach. She collects shells while I check out the flotsam that’s washed up overnight. Ever since MH370 went down off out coastline, my eyes have been peeled for any suspicious airline debris.
I’ve got bits of plastic, wood, glass and these… pills in a bottle. There are no markings on either. Google tells me that they might be muscle relaxants from a country that doesn’t use stamp ID’s on their drugs. Do you know what they are?
I also cycle, play tennis and playing with our fine and handsome cat Levi. He travelled with us on the road when we crossed over from the east and it a fun watching him get used to the car and camping.
Finally, what I spend my writing time doing is managing the SEETHINGS online material and networking strategy. This now consists of three primary areas: Photography. Celibacy. Kurdaitcha.
The first two are self explanatory – and I pretty much poke about delivering anecdotes to similar minded people about my experiences in these two areas. Kurdaitcha is something different. Do a search. Kurdaitcha is a phantom, an assassin from indigenous Australians. SEETHINGS and Kurdaitcha are now appearing in search engines together everywhere across the globe. In the coming weeks there will be more and, hopefully, a finished book listed on Amazon.
All the best, Michael from SEETHINGS

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