A Muse Finds a Pearl.

His Muse Finds The Pearl.

Making love to her daughter was the same. She moved the same way. She did the same things. She reacted the same way to those things Mitchell did to her. He kissed her ear and the muse lightly stroked his c**k with a finger through the fabric of his swimming trunks. Nina did that all the time.

A muse finds her pearl

He kissed Natasha’s mouth and her eyes would close. Like her mother, her eyes popped open when he teased her during one.

Mitchell shifted his hips to let his monster unfurl inside his pants.

“You’re leaking,” she said, squeezing the wetted fabric over its tip.

He lifted her top and exposed the light coloured flesh to the air. “You’re hard,” he replied, watching her nipple point to the sky. She looked down and saw the rigid, pink dome. “God I’m so horny, let’s take this to the boat Mitchell, come on.”

“Don’t go anywhere sweetheart. Stay here. Here’s fine.”

“No Mitchell, we’ll get caught.”

“By who? Everyone’s gone home. We’re the only ones here.”

“What about the four-wheel-drives?”

“Only at low tide sweetie. They can’t get up here now.”

“But the light−”

“A good muse trusts her artist implicitly.”


“That’s how an artist and a muse relationship works. Without trust there’s no art.” He brushed his fingers across her erect nipple. “You want to be a proper muse don’t you?”


“Do you want to make art?”


“Then you need to follow directions from your artist and trust him.”

“O-okay,” she nervously stuttered. “W-what do you want me to do?”

“Seeing as you’re new to musing, I’ll help and go first. Lift your head and take a peek under my shorts.”

She giggled. “I know what’s there.”

“Pretend it’s your first time.”

“Okay,” Natasha sat up and put an elbow on the sand to hold her herself up and placed her head on his chest. “Like this?” She asked, lifting the top of his pants, exposing the shiny head. “Oh my lord! Sir you seem to have something here. It’s a big brush! What do you want me to do with it?”

“Take your hand−”


“And hold it.”

“Like this?”

“Yes, but don’t jerk it like that. Just hold it a while.”


“While you hold me, get your other hand and take my shorts down a bit. Let the tip out.”

“Oh, that’s a bit hard to do… hang on… I’ll just move here and… there you go! It’s out.”

“What do you see?”

“I see an angry eye looking at me. Oh my lord Mitchell, your d*ck is out where everyone can see!”

“Stay in character please. Don’t worry about who can see it. Let your artist do the worrying. So you see an eye, right?”


“What about the head?”

“It’s all shiny and purple.”

“Good. Now take your hand off and put your thumb to the base of it.”

“Like this?”

“Further down, more toward the centre.”


“Yes. Now, when I say so, draw your thumb up to the head. Okay, go.”


“More pressure darling, that’s it. Go right up to the vee.”

“You’re leaking again.”

“Yes, now give me three slow but firm wanks, the last one ending at the top, then squeeze tight.”

“One, two… where did all that come from?”

“What are you seeing?”

“It’s clear. I’ve never seen so much pre-cum before.”

“This is the first time you’ve milked it beforehand. Now take my pants down and let me out.”


“In character muse!”

Natasha sat upright again, Mitchell lifted himself as she helped slide his trucks down to his thighs. “Do you want them right off?”

“Yes. Toss them over there.”

“Okay… Jesus Mitchell you haven’t got anything on. Aren’t you worried someone will see?”

“No. Now I’m going to lay back and tell you what to do, okay?”

“Alright. This is so weird. I can’t believe we’re doing this.” She crossed her legs, took his d*ck in her right hand and looked around the shoreline. “If anyone sees this we’ll both go to jail.”

“It’ll be worth it. Now point me at the sky. Now three more deep wanks and make the last one count, okay? Make it come to the top like before.”

Natasha stroked as directed and drew up a large drop of clear semen to its eye.

“What do you see this time muse?”

“It’s a pearl! It’s like a glistening pearl! It’s just sitting there, shining in the light.”

“Bring your head this way and put your little pearl between you and the yacht.”

“Far out! There’s a teeny-tiny upside down boat on the end of your penis Mitchell, er… Mr Artist.”

“Let me see. Perfect. Now sit up again, be careful you don’t lose your pearl. Keep its plinth upright so it doesn’t fall off.”

“Plinth, how cute! Okay, now what?”

“Take your index finger and put the pearl on the tip of it. Don’t let it fall.”

“Like this?”

“Perfect. Hold it up between us so we can see through it.”

The finger and little sphere of liquid passed over his stomach, Natasha had to turn around and move onto her knees to get the angle right.

“Now look.”

“It’s you!”

“It’s you too. We are on your finger.”

“That’s amazing! How on earth do you find these things?”

“It’s like I said before. Everything in this world is the same. It’s all light and shadow. You just have to be prepared to observe everything, including the little pearls in this life. They have just as much power.”

“It’s no wonder my mother loved you.”

“Now put it on your lips.”

“Pardon me?”

“Take the pearl I made you and place it on your mouth. Don’t be afraid.”

“Umm… okay.”

“Now run it around, like you do when you’re putting on lip gloss. That’s it. Now turn sideways so I can see the shine. Perfect. Now do this.”

Mitchell grabbed her and pulled her down, forcing his tongue deep into her mouth. She let out a squeal just before their mouths met but it was quickly smothered. The slippery kiss went on for many minutes. The muffled squeals became more audible when he suddenly pushed her away from it.

Her eyes popped open. “Far f**king out Mitchell! Geeze Louise! What the f*ck?” She collapsed in a heap beside him, quivering and short of breath. “That was…oh, you’re bad. You’re very bad. I’ve never had… you’ve never done that before! Where the hell did that come from?”

“It’s something I’d dreamed of doing sometime ago.”

“That’s just… whoa. Let me breathe a bit. D−did you ever do that to my mother?”

“Nope. That one’s yours baby.”

The back of her hand met her forehead. “Man! That should have a warning label on it. That’s wild. Thank you. I love this muse thing. Let’s do it again. Can we do it again?”

Excerpt inspired by the novel SEETHINGS

SEETHINGS novel by Michael Forman

-Michael Forman (Author)


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