The Best Tip to Stop Pixelation in Enlarged Photos!

stop pixelation tipSo you want to make a large photo and are worried about pixel staircasing growing in the final photo?

Want to stop pixelation? Here’s a quick tip for those wishing to enlarge photos using Photoshop. Photoshop incorporates some cool stuff and one of those is a fabulous enlarging engine. The best way to make good use of it is not to enlarge your picture to the finished size in one hit but to do it in increments. A-ha, you say! That’s different! The result is a significantly sharper result with less evidence of staircasing, an apt term for the blocks (pixels) that make up digital photos. (See example)

Stop Pixelation In Its Tracks!

First, make sure your camera is taking shots at the highest resolution. In Photoshop, use one sharpening filter, then increase your image size by ten percent increments until you get to the size you want. That’s it!!

Photoshop has a sophisticated enlarging system that works even better when the process is taken in stages. There is a noticeable difference between images that are enlarged in one step than those increased over several.

I wrote a simple ‘Action’ in PS that contains ten increments of ten percent enlarging to save time. I just press check or uncheck to play the amount of steps I want active. If I’m too tired to work out how many steps it’ll take, I’ll run them all, make coffee and then return to the history file to back a few off.

You’re welcome. – Michael Forman (Photographer and Author of SEETHINGS)

SEETHINGS is my new novel about a photographer who, in part, debates photography techniques with colleague Maxine Sewell. She wants to bed him but he wants nothing of that. She winds up dead, hanging from her camera strap in a very public place. It’s a mystery and the journey is all in the pictures.

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