Freeing Up Phone Space.

Increase speed, free up space! 


I’m not a geek. Like you, I’m just another phone user groaning at an ever-slowing phone.
There are a number of apps that claim to clean-out and speed-up a phone, cool one down and lengthen its battery time. Very few deliver much that amounts to a noticeable difference. So I took a bit of time to observe my phone and do some research on what’s really going on inside it.
Problem solving a lagging phone seems to come down to three major things:

  1. Always-Open Apps
  2. Reduced Storage Space On ‘Device’
  3. Ambient Air Temperature.
I’m an Android user. Yes, I could rave on about Android’s limited operating system… rather than do that I’ll tell you the solution.
First, I needed to open-up some RAM space on the ‘Device’ by moving files out of it and across to the SD card. I did it for EVERYTHING; music, docs, pics and all the apps. This gives a phone’s processor clear access to its primary RAM, the fastest RAM available on any device.

Yes, I know not all applications will go to the SD-card but many will shift using the phone’s in-built software but, to get more to cross over, you’ll need to download a special app in which to ROOT the phone.

Kingo2 allows you to ROOT your phone so you’ve the authorisation (Have ADMIN access) to alter the contents of it. Don’t worry, you won’t kill your phone… and the site it comes from offers clear instructions and, adhering to them, you’ll gain control of these other so-called immovable apps. It will then tell you do download and install LINK2SD. It’s then a case of selecting the button that says ‘Move to SD’ and watching the magic happen.
Bad news: CHROME won’t migrate. In fact, if an app has the word GOOGLE in any part of it, you can count on it staying right where it is. (I know they’re moveable too but just haven’t figured out how to do it yet! There’s an entirely different process, right?)

The good news: Heavyweights like FACEBOOK and it’s MESSENGER will take a good ‘ol hike. Yeah, baby! Those two alone take up way too much space to be THAT important. 
I now had 4gig of usable RAM… but there was another problem to overcome. So much of that space was taken up with apps that remained open even after I had closed them… so I installed a KILL app to round them up and shut ’em down. (Some apps remain open to provide notifications, others just stay open) Most good KILL apps allow you to select which one’s you want to keep open and those you want to close. They’re not closed for good. The next time you click on them, they’ll open 

Clearing the phone’s cache is also good practise – it tends to creep up as you browse the ‘net and play games. It can be done in the phone’s ‘Settings’ but many KILL apps include that option because, well, it’s the kind of thing you’d do at the same time

And now the temperature of a phone matters. 
Hot phones run slower. A ‘hot’ phone uses up the battery faster.

I have an older Android (SONY XPERIA) but it loses it’s chops around 32+ degrees celsius. That’s not hard to reach if mobile data, bluetooth, wireless is turned on and I’m outside on a Summer’s day.
That’s insane!
Apparently my little EXPERIA was meant to be used only in air conditioned offices!
Phone batteries have been pushed to the limit. To give us what we want, manufacturers have looked at our lives and worked out our average phone use to match our expectations.
As we move north of those expectations and take our phones out of air-conditioned rooms, homes and cars, we begin stepping above the ‘average’ demand on a battery. Mine reaches a critical point way too soon but every phone is in the same situation. As the temp in a phone increases, it’s performance decreases.
Conversely, I get more speed and time out of all of my phones when they’re cool.

So that’s it. 
Bye –M

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