Pregnant But Not Married

Forced to marry the guy!

It was to be a terrible shame… to her and to her family. The young lovers vowed they would remain celibate. 
After all, they came from good Christian families. To save face and uphold the beliefs that everyone lived by, she was ordered to marry her lover ASAP. The boy too was made to make the girl his bride without haste.
A child’s birthday was often altered to recitify the wrong. Critics with loose lips and good math skills would know the truth immediately – nine months after a wedding date would’ve meant happiness and a match made in heaven. One day before it could’ve represented something else entirely.
Falsified birth-dates, instant weddings, missing passages of time,  mystery holidays and such were once a common thing… and all done to avoid talking about one topic: Sex.
They couple weren’t celibate at all. They were messing about and getting pregnant!
So it’s a two-pronged thing. Sex vs Religion. Celibacy isn’t a natural action so it needs some support to pracitce it.
If celibacy was normal, we wouldn’t need religion to have a say on it. It’d be sorted out from the start and things would follow a totally different path.
Margo’s been researching her family history and tree. One thing keeps popping up: New wives seem to have had their babies within nine months of their wedding days.
That’s an awful lot of coincidences lining up over the centuries!
Okay, it’d be easy to summise that people back then had nothing better to do but work on making a family. TV hadn’t been invented yet and young married couples would have nothing to do but shag all night and day. We could also say that they ate and lived better. Fertility rates were higher, so high that any birth of a child could measured… and it’d lead right back to the night of a wedding.
Nice. One time. One night. How bloody nice!
Celibate? MY ARSE!
And so history shows us a set of unusally convenient dates, mysterious births by older, married sisters and aunts. They were those same individuals who went from not being pregnant to being 6-months-on… virtually overnight. Some went on an extended vacation and came back with a bundle in a blanket-wrap like it was MAGIC!
Celibate? I think not.
That young Christian couple were doing the wild thing. He liked her and she liked him. They met, liked each other and their bodies followed instinct. The story made afterwards was used to cover the truth.
Now Margo has a real job deciphering the records – those things that REALLY happened versus what was recorded to make everyone else happy – the Priest, the family, the community and what God is said to have expected of us.

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