Cardinal George Pell: Will He Face Charges in Australia?

Peadophile or not, his inability to protect children from predatory Priests in his former diocese will certainly end his aspiration to become Pope.

Rome is a long way from Melbourne Australia – and there’s a good chance he’ll use poor health as a reason not to face the music.  Those in Ballarat and Dandenong who’ve accused the former Archbishop of Melbourne of turning a blind eye to the activities of a couple of filthy Priests and a sadistic Nun will never have their day to hear him say sorry.

20080717000106717709-original.jpgRegardless of whether he makes the journey back to Australia, two things are certain:

  1. He’s a liar.
  2. He won’t become Pope.

His greed to reach the top was insatiable. Both eyes were transfixed on the Papacy. It had him looking past social and sexual issues when he was a young Priest and, later, as an Archbishop. How could he have known that peadophilia and child abuse would become so socially unacceptable decades later? Back then, most of those issues were swept away.

But it doesn’t get pushed into the shadows anymore. Forever is only as long as long it takes to write a blog post about it to turn on a light.

Almost all Catholics are aware of the issues surrounding celibate clerics. They know why some Priests are moved from Parish to Parish. Although none speak of it, celibate clergy is a silently sad joke.

That’s not to say all Priests reach for their favourite toy-boy (or girl) when their urges rise. On the contrary, my source tells me that, many Priests carry two credit cards in their pockets, one that displays ‘Fr’ and another that shows ‘Mr’, just for those occasions when an itch need scratching.

Dinner dates and hookers is one thing but occasionally they’ll make a mistake and take something a little closer to home. When lives are disrupted in their own Parish, that’s when the Priest-shunt occurs.

I’ve no problem with a Priest who has consensual sex – the Church’s rule of celibacy is ridiculous anyway – just as long as it’s not with a child!

It wasn’t always like this, celibacy that is. One asexual (most likely) Pope in the 1100’s decided that if he didn’t require sex then no one else needed it either. Before this uncaring new rule was decreed so you and I could share guilt/shame, 38 other Popes before him could shag themselves silly. They could marry and have children too!

Yes. That’s right. Priest, Bishops, Archbishops, Cardinals and the Pope himself could make  passionate, wet, leg twisting love and not feel guilty about it. Shhhhhhhh! *whispered* But don’t tell anyone.

And now that foolish doctrine has become a filter that attracts social misfits. Those who can’t get laid, unable to attract, entice or communicate their way into a bedroom for some natural love, find themselves at a sexual impasse. They believe they can turn it off by entering the Priesthood.

But this fight isn’t winnable. A man (or woman) has natural needs. Dedication to God isn’t enough to remove what nature wants.

A man of God with a set of blue balls is still a man. One who’s in control of defenseless children could use those aching nuts for evil. Thanks go to God for giving Priests two credit cards and a better sense of reasoning of how to deal with it!

Social media and blogging speeds up the news cycle. Opinions about peadophiles are heard fast. Cardinal George Pell knew the deal. That’s a fact.

A Bishop who’s in touch with his charges would’ve known what was going on, he SHOULD’VE known or made it his business to know. If he didn’t (or wouldn’t) know then he’s in no position to represent the modern Catholic Church at any level anyway.

I don’t think the summons to appear in Melbourne will be enough to drag Cardinal Pell out of the safety of the Vatican and his insulated, heavily institutionally warped world but the Cardinal is now a soiled man. He’ll never be Pope.

It may be cold comfort for the victims in Australia but they should remember one thing: For Cardinal Pell, it’s the end. Ambition stops now. To him, he’s lost more than all of the victims of peadophile Priests and sadistic Nuns put together.

The sour taste of child abuse stick in mouths forever. Although they (The Catholic Church) won’t speak of it, they’ll know the deal.

Cardinal George Pell will live in shame and die being remembered for all the wrongs things – and an Australian born Pope who never was.



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