Private time

Hi! Today I’m working outside (out of the back of the truck actually) enjoying some sun and listening to tunes. (Yes, this is a typical kinda work day for me. Thank god for mobile technology and batteries) It’s not unusual to work from the here, I do that when travelling. In fact I’ve written mostly on-the-go and posted from my yacht in Tin Can Bay while it rained for days and days. I posted while sailing across Moreton Bay.

During my travels over the land I’ve continued to write. While I camped through the outback, NT, NSW, Qld, VIC, SA, TAS, and now in WA, I wrote. Mostly the writing work was confined to the pages of an unseen novel so no one saw most of what was being tapped into the keys. MySpace folded some time ago so that ended the record of those random posts that went out into the ethos five to eight years ago. (It’s just as well because I wasn’t proud of some. The blackest posts were fuelled by alcohol) But time heals and cleaning up after oneself is what it’s all about. And so as the long road is nearing it’s end some of my newer work is spilling out into places like Facebook and the greater reaches of the ‘net. SEETHINGS‘ blog has it’s own place over at and is doing well. A series of excerpts is slowly drawing people in and attracting the right kind of audience.

It can get awfully lonely as a writer. I get used to the silence and solitude but it has drawbacks. Losing touch is one of them. Trusting fewer and fewer people and having less time for their nonsense is another (maybe that comes with getting older too). The world becomes a messy, unnecessarily noisy place too great to tackle. Sometimes I just want to shut the door on it. It’s also made me a very private person, often only putting what I want out there on to a stage in the form of some character. I come, do my work and then go without saying much.

Despite acting being a very public thing to do, the stage is a safe place. It comes with a script. It comes with directions. The life you live in a character is orderly and has it’s boundaries. It’s relaxing to leave the self behind and wear the skin of another. Singing does the same thing for me. Music is a great escape device.

For those I’ve worked with in the past I’m sure I appear guarded. That’s because I am. I don’t trust the words that leave my mouth. So I feel uncomfortable when I speak. I’m sure I look it. I’m sure I look as though I’m hiding something. I am. Insecurity. It has nothing to do with the person I’m talking to. It’s something in me.

So I thought I’d post a few things out there I wouldn’t tell you face to face:

  • The character (Mitchell) in SEETHINGS is loosely based on me. (much fiction added)
  • I use humour to cover sadness.
  • I’ve fancied Tina Arena since I was a teen. (met her recently!)
  • I suffer from chronic depression.
  • I’ve never believed in what God represents to most of mankind.
  • I learned ballroom dancing when I was a kid.
  • Tennis is my favourite sport to play but I won’t watch it on TV.
  • I sometimes get obsessed in the smallest things.
  • I’ve almost always dated older women.
  • I keep a small note book with me that I’ve had since I was 17. It has words I wrote in it about a break-up that happened then. I use it to remind me of how I felt at the time.
  • I’m an asthmatic.
  • I love Strahan Tasmania and if I could afford it I’d buy a summer house there.
  • I once had my ear pierced.
  • I prefer talking about you than me.
  • I lived in a celibate marriage after a seven year celibate relationship.
There you go. There’s a few things I wouldn’t normally say. That last one is the basis of  the SEETHINGS narrative. I felt that due to its extraordinariness it was worth building a story around. But it wasn’t an easy premise to write about. Sure, it’d be mildly interesting to some but not getting laid won’t be compelling to everyone. At a glimpse this is just what goes on in a marriage and, quite frankly, married life is pretty boring when it comes to putting it to text. That’s where the creative part of writing comes into it.
That’s why SEETHINGS took so long to write.
Yes, it’s not about train robberies or scandals of the rich and famous. And it’s ‘happy ending’ is more like a ‘new beginning’ with an uncomfortable edge that leaves the reader slightly uneasy. If you think you’d like to take a peek inside it, the first 10 chapters are now on Goodreads for free. It won’t be there forever because I plan to launch the whole book very shortly. All I’m waiting for is the AMAZON people to sort out the paperwork before sending it to market.
If you do read and enjoy what you see please take the time to add a review on the GR site. It’s easy and takes but a second. – Michael Forman

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