Erotic thriller novel is winning!

Michael has asked me to collect and write a series of links to his blog containing the erotic sections of his novel and put it here. The traffic to that site has increased by 300% since he began posting erotic excerpts to the blog earlier this week. They’re HOT! – Exquisite Torture – Tormenting You – Secrets beneath zippers, toggles, laces, clips, ties, hooks, loops, and buttons

I asked him why he didn’t shorten the last title like he did the others.
“It’s a line from the book,” he replied. “The blogs need titles so I got this from a line in the narrative. I think for those people following it as an RSS feed or receiving the updates via subscriptions it’d make sense.”
What about those who don’t read blogs through RSS or subscriptions?
“They get it too but anyone who is subscribed to the posts, whether it be through bookmarking, part of a link feed or through a those typical subscriptions provided on the blog itself, will already know what the blog is about. The title is more for those people arriving and seeing it for the first time. There are problems with serialising a novel this way; it’s difficult to keep posts compelling. They don’t have a defined beginning, middle or end like blogs usually do. They are a tiny slice of  a much bigger story. So the only other way to grab an audience is to create a title that pops inside search engines and tie together intriguing search criteria with images. Secrets beneath zippers, toggles, laces, clips, ties, hooks, loops, and buttons isn’t a normal looking title. I hope people stop for an extra second and take another look.”

Do you think there’s an audience for this kind of story?

“I think so. I hope so. I was told that nobody cares what men think and there wouldn’t be one but I definitely know that there are people out there curious about erotica, emasculation, and men’s issues because the stats on the site are showing it. I threw the word ‘Misandry‘ into the search criteria a few times to see what would happen and that too tickled the search engines the book’s way. Let’s cross our fingers.”


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