New cover and title.

Well, it’s been a long time coming but here it is: SEETHINGS
You are probably wondering two things: 1)What happened to the old title ‘In The Bed Inside Me,’ and 2) It looks like it’s ready. Where can I order a copy?
The answers are as follows:
  1. I didn’t like the old title. After a year of watching it being displayed in various places and typing it into emails and messages, I didn’t feel it looked so good. I had several other titles to choose from and SEETHINGS was one of them. It appealed more and more to me because of how it tricks the eye, like one of the characters does in the novel. The word is derived from ‘seething.’ I guess most people know that part… and so it’s plural (if there were one to be had) would be ‘seethings.’ When I put it on that dark background, it changed. It ‘looked’ like as though it could be three different words. The first two seen (especially by a younger generation) would be ‘SEE’ and ‘THINGS’. The third, would be ‘SEETHING’ with an extra letter at its end. Both interpretations are correct, with the action of understanding the alternates being the most accurate of all, like the narrative. (Cute, eh?)
  2. Copies of the novel will be available from Amazon very soon. This image is just a mock-up from the original artwork supplied to Amazon. I am waiting for the US to return some paperwork to me before giving the green light to print.

( My Novel SEETHINGS is avail for your library here)


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