Rocking the Rebelious Clatterboard in RSS

RebelMouse started appearing in my stats feed around a year ago and it grew and grew! 

I still don’t know why it happened. I didn’t have an account with RebelMouse. I didn’t promote there and I didn’t point any links at it. Nevertheless, I opened an official account to let it do its thing, sending it feeds from all the various blogs I write and social media content I output each day.
Why RebelMouse?
RebelMouse is a repository of EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING written to the net by a writer who subscribes and sends their feeds to it. If one publishes a blog, chirp a tweet, pin to Pinterest, Insta-a-gram, Facebook a comment, etc, to the net it will appear in RM seconds later. It sucks in every bit of text (the photos / movies too) and displays it in a magazine style of blog, short excerpts in smaller font for older posts, longer and bigger for the latest.
Again, why have something like that?
That’s a good question. At first, I thought it strange. Why have a single place for all posts to go when some of those posts are meant for one group of people and the rest are meant for others. They can often conflict with each other and wouldn’t make sense to a stranger… but that’s the appeal for some.
There’s a group of readers who like to discover everything posted by a writer, including their professional and personal lives. It sounds a little voyeuristic, right? Perhaps, but that’s another part of the Internet we, as writers, shouldn’t overlook when looking for an audience for our material. Cloak and dagger browsing is not new to the ‘net but it’s very well exploited in the RebelMouse collective, hence the name. Rebels in reading, writing and the discovery of both.
Okay, if you don’t want family pics from F/book showing up beside the Tweets you send out supporting a campaign for anti-vaccination then you might need to rethink what feeds you send to RebelMouse. (Or have a look at what EXTRA accounts you should be setting up to separate what you write for personal reasons and what is professional)
A writer can choose what goes into RM feeds and what to hold back. RM can’t do it by itself! But reducing feed content kind of defeats the purpose. There’s little rebel going on and more of the the mouse happening in that approach to using RM. Excluding elements in your content spoils the experience… but RebelMouse can provide multiple mags that accommodate your need to collate the work into separate workflows.
So let’s say you’re trying to collate all the content about the DIY stuff you post to the net. You have a blog on it, a facebook account and a board on Pinterest with it. You have other boards and blogs too but you specifically want the DIY content merging into one magazine. Go to RM and create the magazine by titling it: DIY and then take advantage of the email post they send you to the next day. You can use this to pass onto your subscribers, you know, those followers you’ve collected before entering the RebelMouse environment. It saves you having to gather links and create a post on the work you did the day before. It’s visually professional and easy to browse.
If you want to go further, take the RSS created by the magazine and send it to your favourite RSS FEED AGGREGATOR. Open a new account, send the RSS to it and then share it to let readers find you that way. In this highly commercialised onlife life we navigate today, each webpage we visit can have up to 90 percent of irrelevant content surrounding the stuff we really want to read. Some people don’t like this and choose to get the content sent to them in RSS. It comes without all the bells and whistles of multiple drop down menus, advertisements and such to impede their reading. In fact, truly dedicated online readers PREFER it this way and set up all their electronic gear to accept RSS content foremost, completely bypassing the frontline blogging environments so many writers spend so much time configuring. In RSS, tables, ads and pics can be stripped out. Sidebars, likes and dislikes, social media buttons can be removed too leaving just a post’s content. It’s a text file in RSS, just like novels are when viewed on a Kindle or KOBO!
You’ve probably seen the RSS icon many times before. It looks like this:
All blogs generate an RSS file and so does this one (You’ll see the button in the Top R/H column). It’s not a pretty file in it’s raw form but the Aggregator knows what to do with it. Similarly, RebelMouse makes an RSS of all the feeds you send it giving you the option to collate many blog posts from many blog sites to create a monster RSS. I’ve found it functional and can attribute around 41 percent of my visitors reading content from RSS sources (that’s not including the RebelMouse RSS hosted on the RM site!!)
So you see, there’s a few good reasons to look at RSS and Rebelmouse!
(Author of SEETHINGS)
‘Forman’s writing style is artful, with the protagonist Mitchell’s warped thought processes masterfully exposed. The author has a powerful and vivid command of language and his word pictures are stark and disturbingly real.’  – Linda J Bettenay, author of ‘Secrets Mothers Keep’ and ‘Wishes For Starlight’

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