Hiding The ‘Second’ Sim Card.

So much power, so small… and so easy to hide.

Hiding a SIM card but can’t find the best place for it? You’ll want it easily accessible but not so obvious that it’ll be found by someone else, right?

Linda used to hide hers in a fold of her car seat and then switched her SIMs when on the road. Anthony kept one underneath the insole of his shoe.

They had allotted some special connectivity times for each other, with rules included. No calls or text messages are to be made before 9am. All contact ends by 3pm. It starts with a text on their usual numbers and then the SIM switch-overs take place. 

Hiding a Sim card helps lovers unite

Linda and Anthony meet whenever they can.

Calls are made, times and addresses are exchanged and then the regular SIMs are hurriedly swapped back. Record of contact is removed from the phone logs… and their rendezvous happens discreetly. It happened today and it’ll happen tomorrow. That’s how it goes.

Linda’s husband checks her things everyday. Her handbag, clothes and phone are inspected right before dinner time.

Hiding a SIM card: The Game

Oh it’s not done in front of her. He makes his move the moment she leaves the room. Peeking through the crack of a door, she’ll watch on and give him just enough time to rifle through her stuff so she can burst back through the door just before he’s complete. It’s a game to her. She likes seeing him snap into feigned innocence.

“That bastard doesn’t trust me,” she says. “Can you believe that? And then he has the audacity to lie to me about what he’s doing!

Anthony’s wife isn’t like that. She hasn’t the time to rifle through her husband’s affects or make accusations. She’s too busy with the little ones and working as a real estate agent’s secretary to know that there’s another SIM in her husband’s shoe, another woman in his life. He could’ve worn the SIM as a pendant on a necklace and she’d miss it just the same.

The shoe-hiding place wasn’t created for her, that was done for Linda.

Hiding a SIM card: His Backup Plan

Sometimes Linda gets emotional. She has outbursts and they threaten to breach their agreement. The chance of Linda blurting out something at the wrong time to the wrong person is highly likely. Tony knows this. He told her that he kept his SIM in the fold of his car seat too… but she never saw him put it there, not once. When the time comes, Anthony’s wife will check his car and she’ll find nothing there.

It will be Linda’s erratic emotional state which will go on trial.

SEETHINGS starts with a SIM card issue just like this one but it ends in murder. It’s nicely neo-noir, don’t you think? Let those hairs on your arms stand up right about now!

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