Angelwanderer, Evilveil, Kurdaticha: Names of a serial killer.

Scattered among the data-cosmos are these three names:

  1. Angelwanderer
  2. Evilveil
  3. Kurdaitcha
They’re all associated to me (Michael Forman) and they’ve been used in thousands of places since releasing my first book (and another two more on the way).
Let’s get Evilveil out of the way first because it’s less complicated.
When setting up my author blog on Blogger (here), I looked for a title that said something about my writing. Although the blog itself isn’t evil, the novels I write are. They are dark – genre Neo-noir. 
That’s why I chose evilveil. I also liked the way two small words could be made from the same letters but how different they sounded when joined. My other choice was liveevil but I didn’t like the way the ‘ee’s’ came together. My main site points here and this one points there. Evilveil just seems so fitting!
Kurdaitcha is a character in my novels. It’s a word used by the Indigenous Australians which means silent assassin. He’s a protagonist in my stories – a conjured spirit and it takes time for him to rise up and do all his evil things. That’s Kurdaitcha and the connection to the evilveil thing.
Angelwanderer came from another time when I had an original MySpace account. When signing up, I couldn’t think of a good user name and so looked for something else – to describe my life instead.
At the time, I was like a lost soul, straying between worlds and, in the week before initializing the account, I rescued people from a sinking boat, a possum from a road and my elderly Italian neighbour from being slugged with a $600 phone bill. I felt a part of me was doing great things in the community but another was wandering aimlessly from place to place. I was nomadic yet helpful, hence, Angelwanderer.
When I migrated the old MySpace site to my first WordPress Blog (and then later to the homesite), I kept the name on. You’ll see it in the address bar now (I still do good things but my wandering isn’t as vast as it once was.)
So that’s it. Go away and enjoy yourself. – Michael

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