Noirotica excerpt by Neo-noir author

I don’t normally post lengthy excerpts of the novels I write. 

There are snippits out there but long passages don’t appear anywhere. I’ve saved them for the books. 
Noirotica is a strange blend of sex and darkness. It’s not for everyone. The sinister side of romantic liasons scares and this is hard for some to get around. Separating such a body of work from its source can attract contextual indifferences. (It may look odd on its own).
So, with some intrepidation, I posted one large noirotic piece to my home site this week to give readers an idea of my work. (It’s in the second novel that’s soon to be released)
If you would like to take a look, visit here and enjoy. 
In the meantime, here’s some pics you can use as a clue to what I used for storyboard inspiration.  


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