Of course it’s violent Virginia!

Reader Says the Work is Disturbing.

OFFS! It’s not meant to be another f*cking Harry Potter or Pride and Prejudice little lady!  It belongs to an entirely different genre!

SEETHINGS is  a Neo-noir novel with strong sexual and horror overtones!  Do you walk around with your eyes closed!?

The book has a black cover on it and the website you ordered it from is littered with the kinds of disturbing images (see below) and texts that, 1) Explain what’s going on inside and, 2) Designed to attract readers of this specific genre and narrative.

It’s not my fault your head exploded.

Go grab yourself a nice Enid Blyton piece and stick it in the gaping bleeder.

Even Harry Potter has a dark side. The books are impregnated with prickly issues regarding racial and sexual discrimination. Evil magic lies at it’s heart. Some of these novels were banned from libraries because they were too dark!

Jane Austin’s work isn’t squeaky-clean. Psychological manipulation insidiously coats every one of P+P’s pages. Just because  they’re ladies doesn’t mean that what they’re doing makes it a wholesome story.  It just means that the damage done to others while it’s being told doesn’t show on anyone’s flesh.

PRIDE is one of the worst morals to harbour. PREJUDICE is something that today’s society is still working overtime on at removing. Together, they are powerfully destructive themes.

Men die in wars over the prejudices nurtured and loved in such harmless narratives. And you call my work disturbing?

You’re living inside a bubble of naivety my dear. – Michael

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